Turkey: a new group violence shock

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Thirteen year old raped by 29 men. The episode comes only a few weeks after from a similar case. Among those arrested is an agent. Sexual crimes are on the rise in the country. A new case of sexual assault against a minor was heard in Turkey, where 29 people, including a policeman were arrested in Golcuk, in the western part of the country, on charges of raping a thirteen-year-old. The episode occurred only a few weeks after a similar case, which has aroused great excitement in the country, that of a twelve-year-old-girl, who was raped by 26 men in Mardin, in southeastern Anatolia. The violence against women and sexual offenses remain a scourge in Turkey.


Sexual offenses increased by 400% in the country in the last 10 years: in 2011, there were 33,000 registered complaints, versus 8,000 in 2002. The story of the thirteen-year-old was discovered thanks to a teacher. The girl did not dare to speak of the violence suffered because she had been blackmailed and threatened by the rapists, reports the Turkish newspaper Taraf.


The case of the twelve-year-old provoked violent controversy in recent weeks. After the reporting of the rapes, 23 of the 26 accused were arrested. But they had all been released on bail before the first hearing of the trial. The girl had written to the Minister of Justice asking him: “Do you not have a child? What would you do if her daughter had suffered all this? All the accused are now out and about. What has become of my life?” A court of first instance in Mardin condemned the 23 defendants to prison terms of between one and six years, as part of their defence was that the child was “willing”. The judgment was set aside by the Supreme Court of Appeal, which has ordered a retrial.

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  1. Ross the left has worked hard to teach everyone that all cultures are equal and that we can’t judge others by our culture. They have attacked the idea of good and evil to the point that they are saying evil doesn’t exist, in the absence of evil all things are good. The public is simply reacting the way they have been taught to, read 1984 and Brave New World, they predicted this a long time ago.

  2. “Sexual offenses increased by 400% in the country in the last 10 years”
    Isn’t that coincidently the time frame that Ergodan and the AKP have been retarding the country? Jus saying……..

  3. “their defence was that the child was “willing” – and this was not laughed out of court? Or 10 years added for perjury?
    In order to believe that a 12 year old child – or anyone for that matter – would agree to have 26 men rape them, they would have to be insane.

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