Imam who supported Assad blown up in front of students

H/T Tundra Tabloids

I’m sorry I don’t have the link to Raymond Ibrahim’s article on this but here is what he said:

A 30-second long video of the death (via explosion) of Sheikh al-Buti — a senior Sunni leader in Syria, who supported President Asad — was recently posted on the Internet. It shows him preaching before students right when the bomb blew up. A stark reminder of the fact of death in the jihad to implement sharia in Syria:raymond ibrahim

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6 Replies to “Imam who supported Assad blown up in front of students”

  1. Well, I’m still waiting for the Dalai Lama to blow up his biggest revival or some evangelical Pentecostal preacher to plant a bomb next to a Baptist minister. I won’t hold my breath though, it’s unlikely to happen.
    Come on World, how many more fucking times does it take before you get it? Islam is no religion and it certainly isn’t a religion of Peace!

  2. Ouch, shouldn’t laugh at the irony, but isn’t this the imam that literally wrote a book on “all jihad is peaceful”

  3. Note: he got back up and was straightening his hat when that guy walked up in front of him. Then his head jerked to his right and looked dead.

    It looked as though someone shot him in the head from his left side

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