Two Terrorists and a Double Standard

Gates of Vienna continues to expose the legacy media for what it is.

By Fjordman:

Fjordman’s latest essay concerns the contrast between media coverage of the massacre in Norway by Anders Behring Breivik, and the kid-glove treatment granted the Toulouse murderer Mohammed Merah.

Two Terrorists and a Double Standard
by Fjordman

The mass murder committed by Anders Behring Breivik during his twin attacks in Norway in 2011 understandably attracted a lot of media attention. ABB claimed to represent a much larger organization called the Knights Templar, which triggered a massive hunt for potential accomplices at home and abroad. Not a single trace has been found of this organization, which is most likely a figment of Breivik’s vivid imagination.

While it is understandable that such a claim had to be checked, in hindsight it comes off as highly questionable that the mass media in multiple countries launched a veritable witch-hunt on named individuals based on nothing other than the word of an obviously deranged mass murderer who clearly enjoyed being at the center of attention. It is instructive in this regard to compare the Breivik case to the rather different behavior displayed by the mass media when dealing with another terrorist in Western Europe some months later, Mohammed Merah.

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3 Replies to “Two Terrorists and a Double Standard”

  1. Political Correctness kills usually in horrible ways, the double standard in the justice system and the press is killing people daily.

  2. There are three ways to look at our current policy of destroying relatively moderate regimes in the ME, and replacing them with al Qaeda or Muslim Brotherhood regimes.

    1. Stupidity and ignorance by our ruling elite on a grand scale

    2. Things have go to get a lot worse before they get better. Therefore help the process of making things worse.

    3. A sustained policy to destabilize and destroy whatever economy is in the ME, and replace it with chaos and food shortages. This ensures riots and more chaos, thus destroying the Muslim nations even more. It is sweet payback for 9/11 – using radical Islam to destroy the nations that were so elated after 9/11. SA is a special case.

    A consequence of #3, is the good likelihood of the formation of the caliphate headed by Turkey. As far as the West is concerned, the caliphate will be a reasonable replacement for the USSR.

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