Video claims to be muslims raping a Coptic girl in broad daylight

I am hoping that this is not what it claims to be. Even for me, it is hard to fathom a cult that would chant ‘god is great’ and similar things while gang raping a girl.

Next time someone tries to tell you that allah is just the Arabic word for god, ask them when was the last time they heard a Catholic rape gang screaming “Jesus is our lord and saviour” while gang raping a girl for the holy ghost.

Jihad Watch offers the following description of this video:

They’re shouting “Nasara! Nasara! Nasara!” (Christians! Christians! Christians!) as they set upon the terrified woman. And then “Allahu akbar” (Allah is greatest) and “There is no god but Allah.”

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25 Replies to “Video claims to be muslims raping a Coptic girl in broad daylight”

  1. I will tell no lies, I really do WANT to kill muslim scum like these! I hate them PROFUSELY!! Taffyincanada, I know how you feel. Richard, that is a good plan. Funny, I had an M249 in my hands just yesterday. In fact, two of them. We were performing function checks on them prior to next month’s range, and i’ll tell you, I will definitely be thinking of these Egyptian scum when we get downrange. The pure evil of these monsters is simply too much to bear.

  2. Bloody dirty scum this satanic cult stoops down to any levels, they do this chanting their satanic chant. Piss be upon mohammad

  3. Is this for real??? Did someone come to the aid of this girl? I can’t believe this.
    The poster of the U-tube asks for it to be distributed so that the world can see what’s happening in Egypt now. I think the world is made up of those who “do this”, those who do not “want” to see it, and those who “cannot believe” that such Barbary is taking place. And a minority who “do believe” this is happening – and they are called “islamophobes”, “racist” etc.

  4. I think that video is bad enough to be an authentic recording of what was happening there. The disadvantage is that one cannot really see what’s happening, nor what the outcome was – if someone came to the help of this girl?

  5. Crimes that are symptomatic of the character of a nation, will not go unpunished. The punishment will be on all Egyptians- men, women and children, innocent or guilty.

    One would have though that Egypt would learn the lessons of history. Nope.

  6. I was in Egypt for a month back in 2005. From what little I saw there, this kind of depraved, muslim behavior doesn’t surprise me in the least bit. They’re scum of the earth, the muslims that is, not the Copts.

  7. @ Richard

    There are two other possible scenarios, 1) Iran is up to something and NORK is keeping the worlds attention away from them. 2) China is ready to make a move on some of the disputed territory and wants to keep the worlds attention on NORK until they are firmly established.

    The disputed territory at the Pakistan-India-Chinese border would not be worth it. It is all glaciated mounbtains. The showdown for the Senkaku (Diaoyu) Island if there were oil or?

    Or maybe the Paracel or Spratly Islands? Recently China planted the flag on the Spratly islandsagain.

  8. I know this is off topic, but I consider it important so I beg an indulgence. I can’t do anything to help that raped Christian girl at this moment except to record the crime & convince people of what we should do.

    “Virtually every intelligence analysis has been waiting for one key moment to unfold in North Korea, and it just happened”

    Read more:

  9. It was the Islands I was think of, those they are claiming from Japan, the Philippines and the area they are saying they own and not Nam. Those regions are either mineral rich or control choke points that will let them control large potions of the South China Sea.

  10. In regards to SOSUS, sure a sub could launch an ICBM form the mid Pacific, but a cruise missile doesn’t have quite the same range. Listening posts on the Island from Taiwan to the Phillipines would make a difference.

  11. the cancer that is I-slam must be stopped. The only party with the balls to do anything about the threat that I-slam poses in Britain today is UKIP. People, wake up, vote UKIP and stop the spread of the poison.

  12. Dear people…there are over 1 billion muslims in the world…please do not judge an entire religion based on the acts of a few demented individuals…the people you are seeing in the video are not muslims…they are retards that dont belong to any religion…and mark my words they will pay for this.

  13. Dear adn_n2689…out of those 1.5 + billion muslims in the world, that leaves a significantly higher percentage of deranged, demented, inbred, sick fucks out there that are muslim, in much higher proportions than any other religio-ethno-social group on this planet. You have just basically stated that not all muslims are terrorists but conveniently leaving out the fact that that most all terrorists are muslim.

    Spare us the that worn-out mantra “…the people you are seeing in the video are not muslims..” We’ve all heard many different versions of that screed from so many different types of muslims for so long that it only goes to show how utterly ignorant, repetetive, and uncreative islam and muslims really are. Repetetive like a madrassa education. Einstein once stated “insanity is doing the same thing over and over, each time expecting a different result.” No wonder there are so many insane muslims, islam is insane!

    • Not much of a punishment then; it would be like all bus drivers go on a coach-trip holiday. I’d rather therefore they went to Heaven as they would not know how to cope among the freedom-living Angels, for they would be least among all beings- and no longer claiming the pretence to be the finest hiding behind carpet burns.

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