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7 Replies to “London Muslim Mosque reps speak to the many area Muslim Canadians involved with the Algerian slaughter and terror attack…”

  1. London Police Chief Brad Duncan addressing the Friday congregation with respect to recent reports that two alleged terrorists were from the London Muslim Community.

  2. London, Ontario has allowed Islam to spread unchecked. They are not reaping the rewards of that spineless dhimmitude.

    Dr. Trish Fulton, the president of Huron University College, much to the laughter and delight of senior members of the Muslim Brotherhood, in accepting 2 million dollars from the MB, allowed a once proud institute of higher learning to be sodomized by those who seek the enslavement or murder of all those who do not believe as they do. As to either the enslavement or murder, the Muslim Brotherhood isn’t very particular.

    The police cars in London, Ontario are emblazoned with Arabic script, yet another visible sign of non-Muslims deference to the whims and directives of local Muslim leaders. Even the London police regularly ignore the petty and not so petty criminal excesses of some of the local Muslims.

    All throughout the city of London, Islam and Muslims have become the ruling force. Christmas trees and Christmas greetings are banned. All traditions, if deemed by Muslims as being offensive to Muslims, are immediately banned or discontinued. From the Catholic schools that have allowed mini-mosques to be built within the school, to the swimming pools, to shopping malls, to local government, to local schools, to cafeterias, to parks and recreation areas……all, each and every one, has capitulated to the whims, desires and demands of Islam.

    And now, evidence of London’s devotion to, and adoration of, the poison of Islam, can be found in its blossoming cottage industry: the schooling, indoctrination and training of Jihadis and terrorists.

    Witness the 3 young men, Ali Medlej, Xristos Katsiroubas and Arron Yoon. Londoners all, all directly connected to Al Qaeda, travelled to Algeria to attack installations and commit mass murder. They were, each and every one, Muslim converts, they were, each and every one, devotees of Islam. Now, thankfully, Ali and Xristos are dead. And the solitary murderous idiot,Yoon, is rotting in a Mauritanian prison.

    This is the tip of the Islamic iceberg. This is what we have invited into Canada and its only going to get worse….much, much worse.

    It was only a matter of time before Islam revealed its true colours in London, Ontario.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  3. Don

    I was in London, Ontario some 25 years ago. I thought it was a nice place. Things must have got a lot worse since then.

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