Athens Mayor Says More Mosques Coming

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Greek Reporter:

By on April 5, 2013 in News, Religion

KaminisAthens Mayor George Kaminis said the pending opening of the first official mosque in Greece, being built in Athens by the government, will pave the way for more, as many as two or more in each district of the city, spreading the influence of Islam.

During a meeting of the city’s council, Kaminis, a supporter of the mosque that some critics, such as the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party and some Greek Orthodox Church officials are trying to block, defend the construction “for obvious reasons of political equality and defense of the right to free exercise of religion” but also “for practical reasons, in order to put in order the irregular creation of such informal places.”

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5 Replies to “Athens Mayor Says More Mosques Coming”

  1. Sad to see almost none of the countries that were under brutal Muslims occupation and rule from Southern Europe to Asia learn from it. Those in the population that do remember and understand what the real influence of Islam is in their lands are labeled as “far right”, code for bad people. Ironic since it is they who are truly fighting for equality and human rights for all and fighting against intolerant bigoted totalitarianism of Islam.

  2. I hope Greeks don’t allow this monstrosity to be built. Surely they have not forgotten the Greek genocide perpetrated by Islamists in the 1920’s as well as being under brutal occupation for about 300 years under the Islamic Ottoman empire. Also that Turkey is threatening to use Saint Sophia as a mosque, which is centre of the Christian Orthodox church, equivalent to the Vatican for the Catholic church. Also that Cyprus is under illegal occupation where churches are being destroyed and replaced by mosques. What a traitor this mayor is.

  3. Seneca you got that right, we are rapidly reaching the time when the only way to remain free is to fight for our freedom.

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