Interesting contrast between the people of Persia, and the political class of Iran.

Thank you Don L and Shabnam for these two videos. I find them both quite revealing and together they speak volumes.

‘If you could have one wish’. Regular folk in Persia speak out.

Why homosexuals must be killed. It is scientific! All religions demand it!

At the Kennedy School, at Harvard, Seyyed Mohammad Khatami, former-president of Iran stated that homosexuals are criminals who face a punishment and in this case, it’s execution. English and Farsi.

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  1. I must have missed the explanation. What were the “Persians” asked? Whether they love kittens? Are we supposed to love them now? There were many fine Germans in Nazi Germany and like the nice “Persians” (not Muslim are they?) had nothing to do with the big picture. What they say is meaningless, what the mullahs say is all that is important.

  2. The ordinary people of Iran have had enough. Did you notice that a few of them refused to give an answer? One girl replied, “it can’t be said” another one said “they have left no room for us to dream anymore.” I wonder what they would have liked to say if they hadn’t feared to.
    Many complained about the inflation and the prices. One woman wanted to die.

    Islam is dead in the hearts of most Iranians, the underground church movement is growing and many people are Islamic in name only, having secretly become Atheists, Christians or Zoroastrians. I can confirm from a visit to Iran that I undertook a few years ago and from others who have visited there that many ordinary Persians loathe Islam and loathe the Mullahs who rule the country. I have seen people spit in the street after a cleric has walked by and given obscene hand gestures towards Imams when they believed that nobody was looking.
    These Iranian people will be free one day and if the likes of Obama and other corrupt Western leaders had given support to the civil protesters there a few years ago, instead of donating funds to the Arab Spring, the Iranian regime may have been toppled by now. Instead the World stands by and watches while nutcase Ahmedinejad struts and makes threats, preferring instead to attack and slander Israel when they should be reserving their criticism for lunatic Muslim dictatorships.

    I believe that when the Persian people finally are set free, there won’t be one single mosque left standing in Tehran or Isfahan, each and every one will be ransacked and burnt to the ground!

  3. Bob you aren’t the only one saying this, from the other sources they expect Islam to fall in Iran and possibly other nations because the fundamentalist Moslems are creating such a hell for the ordinary people. There are suppose to be missionaries in all Islamic nations that are making large number of converts.

  4. Hello there……..its me again…….Don Laird……..

    I was just thinking, well, truth be told, I had just watched this very thought provoking video and that provocation set me thinking.

    This video sent me back over the many, many years I have had the pleasure and privilege of gracing the face of this magnificent planet, and in so doing, meeting hundreds and thousands of people from every walk of life, from every religion, from every condition, from every race…..and the impact of that, all of that, has been profound.

    Among that sea of faces, I recall meeting a couple of Iranians and their young children. They must remain nameless but suffice it to say that my memories of the brief period of time I had of being a very grateful recipient of their warmth, their gracious hospitality and their boundless generosity, will burn as brightly in my last hours, as if I was with them once again.

    He, the father, was a proud man. He was a civil engineer in Iran who, gathering up his small family, fled his beloved country as Iran descended into the throes of madness wrought from the poison of Islam and the murderous lunacy of the Ayatollah.

    He seemed untroubled by his present occupation as owner and operator of a small corner grocery store, a far cry from the multi-million dollar mega-project construction jobs that he oversaw in Iran, before the Shah fell. Now humble and in quieter times, he was plagued with my frequent presence and hence, my love of political debate, a considerable and trying burden he endured with good humour and boundless patience.

    She, the mother, was a proud woman. She was a woman who took immense pride in being a wife and a mother. About her house was an aura of peace and hospitality. She, younger than her husband, a beautiful Persian woman, a modest and reserved woman, a mother of a little boy and girl, took great pains to provide all that her family required. In that, she was very successful and that, the success, was not lost on her husband.

    I was invited up to their apartment several times for lunches and dinners. At their table I was given my first taste of lamb kebabs, sour cherry jam and Basmati rice, which, coincidentally, have remained favourites of mine to this very day. I sat amongst these Persians and talked, laughed, told lame jokes, debated and sat in quiet reflection. For a very brief moment I was a member of their family.

    I haven’t seen them in many years. The last I heard from them they were well and the children had almost finished their educations and were preparing to start lives of their own. It seems the husband’s enthusiastic embrace of the West had resulted, much to the chagrin of his conservative wife, in frequent visits to Wreck Beach in Vancouver where he would completely disrobe and, gloriously nude and in defiance of this world’s religious tyrants, scamper up and down the beach. You can’t be much more Canadian than that.

    Now to this bit of video that set me to thinking.

    Firstly, Iranians are not Muslims. Iranians are, very proudly, Persians, and both they and I will tell you there is a great difference between the two. The current state of affairs in Iran has resulted from magnificent Persians being sickened by the cancer and poison of Islam. That sickness manifest in the likes of genocidal Muslim madmen, despots and tyrants like Iran’s dictator, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his pack of theo-jackals like Ali Khameni.

    Life in Iran, ‘neath the bootheel of its dictator and the theo-jackals is one of deprivation, constant need and want, fear and quiet desperation. They live in the shadow of men who seek thermo-nuclear weapons and who, through the liberal, global and indiscriminate use of those same weapons, seek to trigger the return of the Islamic Messiah, the 12th Imam. They live in the shadow of impending obliteration. They live with sky-rocketing inflation, grinding poverty, mass unemployment, government sponsored murder and chronic fear. They live in Islamic Republic of Iran.

    Yet, in spite of that the common man and woman in Iran, going about their daily lives, remain as we are. And as we are can be found reflected in their musings upon being asked the question, “if they had a wish”

    And to that answer can be heard quiet whispers of hope, whispers of resignation, whispers of despair, whispers of resentment, whispers of anger, musings humorous and whispers of simply and selflessly wishing others good health and good fortune………..the very whispers that would fall from the lips of men and women around the world……


    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

    To activate the subtitles, look in the lower right-hand corner of the player window for the little “CC” button.
    Click the CC button and press “English”, this will activate the English subtitles.

  5. So with all these wonderful non Muslim Muslim Persians pining to be something they have had no experience with for a thousand years, who is screaming death to America/Israel and Allahu Akbar at all hours of the night? Who is in the majority and in control? What is the ideological source of their human misery? Would they throw it down and give it up? When they do that I will lend sympathy and support to all of them. Until then, they are Muslims, even if indifferent to Islam for a brief moment in their history.

  6. @ Bl@kbird,

    The majority are not in control.

    Hitler had less than 10 percent of the popular vote during initial elections.

    Look for photographs of women in Tehran before, during and after the Shah fell.

    All I have to do to control an entire city is drag one family out of their house and machine gun them to death in the street, then leave their bodies to rot. All I need to do is have all media take close-ups of the execution and of the uniforms the men are wearing with the shoulder patches and insignia’s attached to those uniforms…….voila!!!…..I now have control of 500,000 souls….

    On the other hand the rule of the mullahs and tyrants in Iran is precarious at best……they are on the knife-edge of losing their grip on power and hence, their lives.

    I know the point you are trying to make Bl@kbird but yours is the rational and bravery of being out of range.

    Standing helpless as the agonizing screams of terror and pain of your wife and daughter ring in your ears as, through the fish-eyed lens of your tear stained eyes, you watch as they are repeatedly raped and sodomized by the Basji…..then, as if that were not enough, your arms pinned to your sides by your captors, they stand your wife up, place a gun to her head, and blow her brains out…..all in the name of Muhammad, Allah and the tyrant Mahmoud Ahmadinejad…….tell me then of the resistance you would show those tyrants if, knowing your daughter was next in line, they told you to attend rallies and scream your hatred of the West…..

    But let us move away from the examples above and simply look to something a little closer to home.

    Look around you Bl@kbird, look at the citizens here in Canada who shit their pants when faced with blustering blowhard Muslims like those at the Salahudin Center in Toronto, look at the citizens who are cowed and who shit their pants when faced with the sneering vulgarity of the Human Rights Inquisitions and their ability to conduct State funded and State sanctioned harassment…….

    Christ Bl@kbird……..we can barely muster a sombre remembrance protest in memory of the 4 murdered Shafia women…….

    As we are, so are the Iranians……there are very few of us who can muster the strength to watch our families murdered to advance a cause………the reality is that many talk a good game, many are little more than coffee-shop revolutionaries, many are little more than fair weather lipstick freedom fighters……

    Very few are willing to bleed for their beliefs and their country…….such is human nature, a condition fully understood by those whose politics fill mass graves.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  7. At no point in history have the communist been the majority in any nation, but they have seized control of many and held the reigns of power through internal terror.

    It takes a lot of courage to stand up to tyranny when you know everyone you love will be killed if you lose the war.

    During the American Revolution at no point did more then 33% support the revolution and at no point did more then 10% fight or provide material support.

  8. Bl@kbird, during WWII in occupied France there were never more then 5,000 active members of the resistance, never mind what the movies show most French citizens cooperated with the Nazi’s.

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