Riots break out at the funeral for the victims of yesterdays riots.

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April 7 2013

Its kinda like the Carnival in Rio except with rocks.


Ahram Online journalist reports Coptic mourners are running towards the building where shots were heard from outside of Abassiya cathedral funeral for slain in Qalyubia sectarian clashes

Salma Shukrallah , Sunday 7 Apr 2013
Abbasseya Church

Hundreds surround four coffins in Al-Abbasseya Church (Photo: Mai Shaheen)

Clashes broke outside the Abassiya cathedral funeral for the victims of sectarian clashes in Qalyubia, Egypt. Mourners exiting the church came upon a street where they were first pelted with stones.The mourners, in turn, shot stones back and shots were heard. A crowd is now moving towards the building where they heard the shots from. An Ahram Online reporter at the scene could not confirm if they were live rounds.

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  1. Update: One reported dead at Abbasseya cathedral

    A funeral for four Coptic Christians killed in the Qalyubiya Governorate town of Khosous Friday held at St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Abbasseya in Cairo quickly turned into armed clashes after unknown assailants reportedly attacked attendees.

    One person was reported dead at the nearby Demerdash hospital, according to head ambulance services, and 29 people were injured, satellite channel ONtv reported Sunday evening.

    Clashes also erupted at the church in Khosous, and live ammunition was heard being fired from an unknown source, ONtv said late Sunday afternoon.

    Amid chaos and panic at the Abbasseya cathedral, a pickup truck full of men drove into the cathedral’s back entrance, and a man on the truck said the assailants were “killing us,” an Egypt Independent reporter at the scene said. Men showed their cross tattoos to get into the cathedral from the back entrance to defend it, and a bystander shouted, “This is democracy,” suggesting democracy had resulted in attacks on Copts.

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