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10 Replies to “Tunisian bare-breasted-facebook protestor objects to ‘Femmen France division’ burning jihad flag”

  1. I don’t know what to make of this. There could be a number of explanations:

    1/She originally stood up against Sharia, but like many Muslims who believe that their religion stands for something which it does not, she genuinely believes that Islam is a religion of freedom and peace. She will stand up against Sharia restrictions (which she incorrectly believes are un-Islamic) but nevertheless she will still defend Islam,because she still sees Mohammed as a saviour rather than as a vicious rapist and murderer.
    In other words she believes in an Islam which has never existed. She is a pseudo-Muslim.

    2/ She is under pressure to distance herself from Femen. Maybe she realises how dangerous things have become for her and is trying to make amends. Maybe she has been ‘persuaded’ to change her viewpoint. She still claims to support Femen but her words also condemn them.

    3/ She is genuinely poorly educated and her rebelliousness only derives from personal frustration, and not from any real political or religious conviction. Quite often Muslims are not the brightest tools in the box!

    4/ A confused mixture of all of the above.

  2. I still think she is learning disabled. Ask any native French speaker to listen to her and tell you what they think.

  3. Ok…. all of the above (as I have said) and she is learning disabled as well. Nothing in the world of Islam is straightforward! Deceit weaves a tangled web.

  4. She probably is learning disabled, that means some one has been talking to her about how dangerous her actions and the Femen actions in France are for her.

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