Mass poisoning hits Al Azhar University

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Brotherhood urges Al Azhar Shaikh to take ‘firm decisions’

  • By Ramadan Al Sherbini Correspondent
  • Published: 17:08 April 2, 2013

Cairo: At least 540 students at Egypt’s religious Al Azhar University had suffered food poisoning, reported the health Ministry on Tuesday.

The poisoning was blamed on unhealthy meals that students had eaten at their dormitory in Cairo. The cases angered the university’s students, who on Tuesday held a mass protest and blocked the traffic outside the headquarters of the institution in the suburban Cairo area of Nasr City.

State television reported that President Mohammad Mursi had visited some sick students at a Cairo hospital.

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Below, Al Azaar students storming the building

From Business Standard.Com

Over 500 Egyptian students of Al-Azhar University, a leading centre of Islamic learning, have been admitted to a hospital here with food poisoning, sparking widespread protests.

Hundreds of angry students gathered today to protest deteriorating conditions at the university’s hostels and negligence by management after the health ministry said 540 students from Al-Azhar had been hospitalised.

Student union member Abdullah Abdel-Moteleb told Al-Ahram newspaper that meals served at the hostel yesterday were of noticeably poorer quality than usual.

“By around 6pm, dozens were suffering the effects of food poisoning and were taken to hospital,” he said.

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13 Replies to “Mass poisoning hits Al Azhar University”

  1. The food poisoning is the direct result of Morsi’s policies. The foreign exchange reserves of Egypt are drying up. People are substituting to keep up with inflation and this time their substitution bit them in the @$$.

  2. Red,

    Yep. The horsemeat story is also an inflation story, not a Nasty Capitalist Robbers story. Most people don’t get it. The producers and supermarkets can’t keep their prices down without substitution anymore. Inflation is the culprit.

  3. @ Joeb

    Part of the reason that inflation is low is because customer & producers are substituting. The government has the excuse that chain CPI is too hard to compute so stick with the broken statistical measure.

  4. OT- Hamas condemns Fatah students for mock killing of Qatar’s emir

    Pro-Fatah students hanged an effigy of the Qatari leader; Hamas condemned the ‘immoral’ act

    Hamas expressed its rejection of what it described as an “immoral act” carried out by students from the Palestine Technical University in the West Bank city of Tulkarem during the closing ceremony of the university’s student council elections.

    Students hanged the puppet representing the Qatari emir, chanting for his death.

    Hamas spokesperson Sami Abu Zahri stated that it was “an insult to the people of Qatar, to the reputation of the Palestinian people, 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 and will force unnecessary confrontations with other Arab factions.”

    “We as Hamas strongly condemn such behaviour and consider that there are other more legitimate ways to express one’s opinion,” Abu Zahri added.

    He further noted Qatar’s role in supporting the Palestinian cause and its people, calling on the emir to disregard such actions.

    Relations between the Hamas government and Qatar are amicable shown by a recent visit by Sheikh Hamad’s visit to the Gaza Strip in October 2012.

    During his visit, he pledged $400 million for housing and infrastructure development.

  5. This is just the beginning, the drought in the midwest last summer caused the crops to be smaller then normal, this means that food prices are higher and there is less to export. Expect food riots in the Middle East later this summer with even products from Israel being welcome.

  6. So when we are shaken down for food this summer and there is not enough to go around, who do we give food to?

    The NORKs or the Egyptians?

    I vote NORKs, they are friendlier (after dictator).

  7. EGYPT – Shura Council approves religious slogans in future elections

    Religious slogans will be permitted in Egyptian election campaigns, according to an amendment made to the electoral law by the Shura Council, the body currently holding legislative powers

    On Monday, the Shura Council’s legislative committee cancelled Article 60 of the electoral law, which banned the use of religious slogans in electoral campaigning. The amended law will be voted on by the council in plenary, and will then be sent to the president to be ratified.

    President of the liberal Reform and Development Party Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat said on Monday that “the amendment will increase the state of political tension and will make sectarian issues more complicated, at a time where we need to unify,” reported Ahram Arabic website.

    “The amendment is a violation of the new constitution, which bans religious publicity in parliamentary elections,” El-Sadat added. “The amendment will not be in the Islamists’ favour, because the poor management of the Muslim Brotherhood and the rest of the Islamists current [is evident],” he explained.

    Secretary-general of the Salafist Building and Development Alaa Abu El-Nasr said that: “this is a good development, which gives [parties] a chance to announce their identities and [religious] references, without criticising or offending others.”

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