North Korea releases more war propaganda videos.

H/T Magic Martin

Youtube video above appears to have been removed. It is now below. 🙂

In the one below, I can’t help but think it would make a better soup advert than a scary military video. Maybe it’s cause I can’t read the signs. But the font and style reminds me a lot of some pretty excellent soup packages made on the other side of the Korean peninsula.

In the video below, the commander shows how they are making ready to deal with an American bomber from 1942

The song below reminds me quite a bit of Stalin era Soviet material.

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9 Replies to “North Korea releases more war propaganda videos.”

  1. As long as China doesn’t get involved I’d give North Korea about two weeks. But it could be resolved without firing a shot, just declare any North Korean soldier who surrenders before combat is joined will get automatic EU and US citizenship, the army would evaporate on the battlefield.
    It probably will anyway.
    China must be nervously viewing all the money it’s “loaned” to the West, and wondering what’s going to happen to that.

  2. I think it has something to do with all their computers having nowhere near the capacity required to play minecraft without experiencing serious lag. I used to be in the same boat before upgrading, so I totally know the feeling.

  3. blindguard China has moved a couple of divisions up to the Yalu and is bringing more up as fast as they can, the US on the other hand has moved an anti-missile capable guided missile frigate up near the North.

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