Peterborough: Police smash ‘biggest child-sex ring’ in the UK

Six men have been arrested and almost 50 alleged victims of rape, abuse and sex slavery aged as young as 12

Gang is suspected of abusing under-age girls in Peterborough (Picture posed by model)
Gang is suspected of abusing under-age girls in Peterborough (Picture posed by model)

Police believe they have smashed what could be Britain’s biggest child-sex ring.

Six men have been arrested so far and officers have identified almost 50 alleged victims of rape, abuse and sex slavery aged as young as 12.

Detectives fear those numbers could easily reach more than 100 in a case potentially bigger than the Rochdale grooming scandal.

The men suspected of carrying out the abuse are of various nationalities, a source said.

Police originally believed they were dealing with two separate rings operating in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

But they now suspect a large gang was targeting vulnerable youngsters across the city.

Officers have already taken statements from 10 girls but there are a further 37 who they think were abused and are waiting to interview.

The number of alleged victims already equals the toll of the previous worst child sex ring uncovered. That was in Rochdale last year, where a gang of Asian men abused 47 victims from troubled backgrounds.

Our source said: “The investigation has only just started, but this could be the worst child sex slave ring the ­country has seen so far.

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16 Replies to “Peterborough: Police smash ‘biggest child-sex ring’ in the UK”

  1. As long as you don’t solve the question of what to do with Pakistani females, you won’t get anywhere.; If you do not want to exterminate the Pakistani females as well, you should beat the crap out of, yes, beat the crap out of the Racial Volunteer Force and comparable outfits. Otherwise George Soros will still need the UAF.

  2. Victims say they are eventually put into “revolving door” situations where they are forced to service muslim men in the “double digits” for days and weeks on end.

    50 (currently known) victims X 10 men (minimum)/day X 7 days (minimum) equals a BARE MINIMUM of 3500 muslim men who payed to rape these 12 years and older children. BARE MINIMUM.

    Am I being ridiculous? It sure seems that way to me. But one girl recently said she was forced to service 90 men over the course of a weekend. So my estimate turns out to be far less when compared to actual victim testimony.

    Also that number is in line with the thousands of clients reported by the police who were clients of the Oxford pedophile rape and forced prostitution.

    And that gangs number of known victims was not as large as this one.

  3. Caevat. That’s just the number I came up with. (these estimates always seem insanely high but evidence reported by the police always seems to bear them out or show that they were less than reality). I strongly reccomend any other readers to try to figure it out for themselves.

  4. How many similar reports am I going to read about? We hear about new ones almost every other week and I can’t keep up with all the ongoing investigations all over the country. It is an epidemic of biblical proportions and we are for ever being told ‘It is a small minority’ who perpetrate such acts. I am sick and tired of being lied to by the media. One day they will ALL have to be thrown out of my homeland.

  5. I notice that they are out on bail. No doubt happily getting rid of the evidence and helping the other members of their slave trading operation to escape.

  6. Georgina: ”I notice that they are out on bail. No doubt happily getting rid of the evidence and helping the other members of their slave trading operation to escape.”

    Not too difficult to arrange those escapes either, Georgina. Peterborough is heavily enriched and much white job-flight has taken place as the major government employer in this industrially deprived area, Peterborough Passport Office, is one of the eight principal Passport Customer Service Centre’s in the UK and employs a huge amount of these enrichers who have been deliberately given preferential employment opportunities to the detriment of the original inhabitants.

    If you were able to stand outside of this complex in the morning as the workforce arrives (as I once did in order to collect an urgent passport) you would be entitled to think you were in the Punjab rather than England. One could not make this up – those whom the gods would destroy they do indeed first make mad!

    Seneca III

  7. Truthiocity says:
    April 1, 2013 at 6:40 am

    The sunny side of this is that if the johns are overwhelmingly Pakistani and Punjabi Muslim, it is THEIR seed that goes to waste.

    Note that they would not think of pimping out even the most sluttiest Pakistani girls. Those are beaten and/or killed. Why this double standard?

  8. Most likely that there several Mohammeds in the gang of rapists and paedophiles.

    What do you expect when the original Mohammed is set as the example of the “perfect” man.

  9. @ Truthiocity

    90 men in a weekend. Sooner or later a person would catch multiple STDs. If they are treated then they might be caught. If they are not treated at some point the pimp discards the victim.
    Sooner or later that “State” has to find out.

    Unless they have no onterest is stopping the spread of STDs, missing persons, prostitutions, womens rights, …

    Oh wait never mind, these are weak liberals we are talking about. Even Cameron.

  10. They only crimes I think torture is a just punishment for are rape and child molestation, this case is both. Can Britain please bring back the rack and drawing and quartering.

  11. There is a problem with giving these creeps the death penalty or just stringing them up like they deserve.

    The muslims goal is to turn us muslim. They have said their methods are not to just make us adopt their anti laws but to manipulate us into becoming more and more like them.

    They want to make us bring back the death penalty and they want us to start lynching. Because that is how they do things in the uncivilized crap holes they come from.

    Obviously we have to be as nasty as possible to put this down. But in OUR way, not theirs. But how?

    The answer is drastically more draconian standards for deportation and the deportation of whole families. Once they see that following their natural inclinations will lead to the removal of the wellfare teet- that will teach them to be civilized. Nothing else has.

    Is that nasty? You bet it is. But remember, they start these girls on to the path to forced prostitution by passing them around their male relatives first. If one scumbag is guilty then it means his whole family is literally guilty too.

    That’s one of the reasons the pakistani community has NEVER turned these pimps in despite the fact that (as their representitives say) they all know what each other is up to in these communities. They all knew it was happening because they were all participating. They didn’t turn them in because they were the ones raping the little girls these gangs provide for the communities exploitation.

  12. Truthiocity you in Britain have done away with the death penalty (from what I read against the wishes of the vast majority) but we in the States haven’t despite the best efforts of the left. If you check you will find that the efforts to do away with the death penalty started with either the left or their useful idiot allies, it use to be part of our culture and still would if people hadn’t decided that 1) the criminal was more important then the victim 2) we shouldn’t punish criminals buT rather brainwash them into being nice 3) that the criminals rights over rode no only the victims but also the rights of the rest of society who has to live with them after some fool lets them out. Check out the history when the death penalty was used society was much less violent and safer for everyone.

  13. Truthiocity says:
    April 1, 2013 at 7:54 pm

    UAF has no moral qualms about adopting “fascist” methods. The solution is third way. Consider islam a form of fascism, and then apply a double standard. The Pakistani thief loses his hand, the British thief gets a nice pork chop and a X-Box in prison, a few weeks at most.
    Remember the Left is hypocritical. They apply a double standard against “fascists”. To destroy the UAF even nastier tricks are required, like learning Esperanto, and calling yourself UAF when you beat the crap out of the RVF, BPP and the like.

  14. Terence Sommer says:
    April 2, 2013 at 5:46 am

    Solitary confinement is for his own protection. Sooner or later something like the Aryan Brotherhood will develop in Great Britain. Muslims who attack non-Muslims in prison should understand there is a world outside prison.

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