Musilm Damages 14th-Century Astronomical Clock In Lyon Because “It Prevented Him From Concentrating On His Prayers”

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Ancient astronomical clock in the Lyons, France Cathedral vandalized

Lyons, March 27, 2013

An Iranian man has broken the astronomical clock of the ancient Catholic Cathedral in the French town of Lyons. According to “Le”, on March 23, a 28-year-old citizen of Iran tried to put out of action the mechanism of the 14th-century clock in the St John the Baptist Cathedral with an iron bar. A part of the mechanism has been damaged. The vandal was arrested soon. He explained his conduct thus: splendor of the clock prevents him from concentrating on prayer, reports

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13 Replies to “Musilm Damages 14th-Century Astronomical Clock In Lyon Because “It Prevented Him From Concentrating On His Prayers””

  1. ” splendor of the clock prevents him from concentrating on prayer, ”

    So it wasn’t even the sound of the clocks chimes that distracted him from praying, it was the ‘splendor’.
    What’s he doing looking at the clock whilst praying anyway? He should be looking at the dirt on the ground as he points his unwashed backside up towards Allah’s gaping mouth!

  2. What was a tard doing praying at a cathedral anyway? Why didn’t he use one of the hundreds of mosques or even streets muslims in France are so famous for using. Answer is clear. The real story here is the invasion of the cathedral by Muslims intending to use it as a mosque. HIs tard-buddies are all ^5ing him for this vandalism I’m sure as a first strike.

  3. I bet his motives stem from jealousy and hatred of anything that’s not islamic because Islam can’t steal credit for it

  4. “They” spread ugliness by their sheer presence and destruction by just about everyone of their action. My hope rests with “les Identitaires” who organised this welcome for the execrable Christine Taubira, the minister for (In)justice and protector of these islamists thugs last week in Lyon:

    somewhere there are more short videos where you can hear those young French sing the Marseillaise, to warm the cockles of your heart.

  5. Oh and, despite the “official” reason for those protests being the new law on “gay marriage”, that is only the name they give to the proverbial straw who – hopefully – will break this nasty camel’s back.

  6. I’ll go with what Tarbock said.

    If the penalty is not stiff enough, then it won’t deter any Muslims form repeating such actions. Soon it won’t matter how much a person cherishes the cultural contributions of their ancestors if their ancestors were non-Muslim.

  7. Eiffel Tower evacuated due to bomb threat

    1,500 people evacuated from Eiffel Tower after anonymous phone call claimed explosives had been placed around landmark

    It follows threats from Al-Qaeda pledging ‘revenge’ for the French intervention in the African state of Mali to fight Islamic terrorists.

    Police said an anonymous call had been received from a phone booth in a Paris suburb warning that explosives had been place around the tower.

    The bomb warning said the blast would happen at 9.30pm, said police. But by 10pm there had been no explosion.

    + pics on the DailyMail dot co dot uk

    Then this :

    Nothing to do with Islam but very strange :

    Paris chainsaw thief hacks off Sun King elephant tusk

    (AFP) – 1 hour ago

    PARIS — A man broke into the Paris natural history museum early Saturday and used a chainsaw to hack off the tusk of an elephant that belonged to King Louis XIV of France, officials said.

    Police arrested the 20 years old man in a nearby street as he was making his escape and recovered the three-kilogram (seven-pound) tusk, museum workers said.

    The elephant whose skeleton is preserved in the popular museum was given as a gift in 1668 by the king of Portugal to Louis XIV, who was also known as the Sun King.

    The animal’s tusks are not the original ones but were added to the skeleton in the 19th century.

    Police made no immediate comment about why the man tried to steal the tusk but the incident comes amid a series of thefts in recent years of ivory from European museums and zoos.

  8. This is only the beginning, many of the ‘followers of the teachings of the prophet’ will join in on the criminal acts of destruction.

  9. Muslims are scum of the earth. Destroyers of cultures world wide.
    Recently I read a comment from somebody, somewhere I don’t remember, but it is quite appropriate to this situation, I believe. It is as follows, “Islam is the Cancer, killing it is the Answer.” I wholeheartedly agree.

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