‘I love Paris’ may soon be passe for Chinese tourists

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'I love Paris' may soon be passe for Chinese tourists

Paris: Mass muggings and attacks on Chinese tourists in Paris have spawned alarm and warnings of a decline in the number of free-spending visitors from the Asian giant who swarm to France.

More than one million Chinese visitors come every year to France, a country which for them epitomises luxury, romance and quality products.

But that may very well change, said one expert, citing a slew of recent attacks which he says takes the sheen off the “City of Lights” for Chinese visitors.

“This has become a scourge. Since the past year, we have been seeing attacks almost every day,” said Jean-Francois Zhou, the head of Ansel Travel, which specialises in tours to and from China.

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4 Replies to “‘I love Paris’ may soon be passe for Chinese tourists”

  1. Muggings in the Louvre. I am trying to picture that one. I was there in 2006. Heck, I was there with a Chinese spouse.

    Anyway I know people from Paris & elsewhere in that region. I will have to ask.

    Mass Muggings? I suppose the communist mayors, socialist president & others have know shame. Sarkozy did impose a news black out so the he & the French government would look good. Hollande repealed it. Question is would have Hollande if he had been in office instead of Sarkozy at that time, likewise imposed the news blackout? I would have to assume so. It is kind of like Republican or Democrat joining the Council of Foreign Relations at the end of the day. Joining the CFR & debating things without rancor does makes sense. Then again you wonder if it isn’t all a good cop bad cop routine. All for show.

    After all these politicians have a different health care system, a different level of protection & a different pension system. Meet the new boss same as the old boss. Are our elites really any different than the aristocracy of 2 centuries ago?

    A politician/aristocrat who does not walk the streets like the rest if us hoi poloi has no skin in the game. That is why they can be so blaise, blaise about security. If plan A does not work, the can try plan B & so forth. We are just numbers. What difference does it make if some are killed? It is not them or their family. They are in their ivory towers doing “God’s work”. Which they must do dispassionately, otherwise they would sin.

    Yup everyone of us might die while they try plan Z to perfect utopia, while they commute from their gated communities to their ivory towers and we live in burning platforms.

    Let them eat cake.

  2. How sad when visitors from a brutal police state find beautiful Paris too dangerous for them to visit.
    France, wake up, pull your socks up and sort your shit out!

    But my main reason for writing this post is because the last line in this article really winds me up:

    “The phenomena of thefts and aggressions, yes they are growing, but they also exist in Spain and in Rome,” he said.

    It sounds like a Leftist excuse to me – “yes we’re shit, but (points the finger of blame elsewhere) other places are shit too.”

    Does this make me feel any better about going to Paris because Rome and Spain are (apparently) just as bad? Does this make Paris a utopia, because nowhere on Earth is a utopia?
    This is one of the tricks of the Left. Never acknowledge the crime, just point out that there are others committing the same crimes too (or perhaps they may have committed these crimes years ago).


    Islam has terrorists – yes but other religions are just as bad (smugly point out what the Catholic church did 600 years ago).

    Muslims are guilty of terrorist attacks and want to rule the World – yes, but Britain once had an empire.

    The third World is rife with poverty and backward culture – yes but America has its fair share of poverty and inner city crime too.

    This is all bullshit designed to divert attention from the main subject. This is what happens when moral relativism is used as an explanation of how the World works. No matter how many times someone wants to remind me of Black slavery in the United States, or how many times someone reminds me of the Spanish Inquisition, am I going to think that Islamic terrorism, Leftist vandalism or Leftist destruction of Western values can be excused.
    In the case of Western historical ‘crimes’, well, they finally ended because the perpetrators ended them themselves. Yes, believe it or not, in Western Judeo-Christian societies the criminals finally became the police. It was the U.S. themselves that ended U.S. slavery and many Americans died because of this.
    Nothing that is disgusting, immoral, or reprehensible in the Third World was ever stopped by the people who practiced it. It stopped because Westerners intervened.
    We are the ones who brought civilization and humanity to these pagan animals. Yet, the seditious, cowardly and morally corrupt Left idolize the barbarian world, but hate their own civilizations.
    In a nutshell – It’s all about moral relativism, one of the greatest evils in the World today!

  3. @Softly Bob,

    You are using the Arab Trader’s Argument (check Abagond). “Everybody does it!” isn’t a moral argument. (Of course, this could be well used against Islam. If an Atheist rapes his son, does this give a Muslim to forget his prayers? Of course not). If Judeo-Christianity considers slavery to be objectively evil, eradicating slavery is simply your moral duty, not a special virtue. So even if the West eradicates the objective evil Islam, a Confucianist could still attack Judeo-Christianity for let’s say, a lack of filial respect, or enabling laziness.

  4. Civilization is in danger, the left has created the conditions that stands a good chance of destroying civilization for at least our lifetimes and probably longer.

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