Police arrest 16 youths after Paris train hold-up

Since the French legacy media has decided by instruction or convention to refer to Muslims when they commit antisocial acts as, ‘youths’ I am kinda forced to suggest that these people may be all Muslims and all from the ages of 16 to 35. As in many many reports I have read of ‘youths’ in France, some of them were old enough to be grandparents.

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France 24

Police arrest 16 youths after Paris train hold-up

French police arrested 16 youths Wednesday following a train invasion near the impoverished Parisian suburb of Grigny in which dozens of passengers were robbed. The local mayor said the attack “discredited the silent majority” who live in the area.

By FRANCE 24  (text)

French police on Wednesday arrested 16 youths, aged between 14 and 18, after the hold-up of a suburban train near Paris earlier in March.

They are suspected of having boarded the train en masse in the run-down Grigny suburb on March 16, stopping the train by setting off the alarm, and going through the carriages robbing frightened passengers systematically of their mobile phones, cash and handbags.

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3 Replies to “Police arrest 16 youths after Paris train hold-up”

  1. Replace the words of the song “Smooth Operator” with “Dumb Mo ‘fer ” as sung by Sade.

    That is what I think of the local mayor. People should sing that song with changed lyrics every time some dumb tard uses an euphemism to obscure the truth.

    Of course in countries more enlightened than the U.S. such as Europe, it will get a person arrested. Mind you the U.S. is not far behind with the speech codes. They have them on college campuses and some of those people will be future leaders. All I can say is that in this race, the U.S. will finish strong (/sarc).

    So as to not get arrested, when people sing the dubbed version of Sade’s song they can mouth the word after dumb without saying it. Maybe that will get around the speech codes.

    The good citizens of Rome use to mock unworthy people regardless of status. They mocked the emperor Didius Julianus. Surely the Parisians can mock Grigny’s Communist mayor Philippe Rio.

    Oh just in case you get sued over this post, the email address given is real. Phillippe sues you, he will have a big fight on his hands. I’ll see to it.

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