Femen website hacked by illiterate cretins.

Well, illiterate cretins or the single worst poetry since Joe Cocker’s rendition of ‘There once was a girl from Nantucket..”

The website is femen.org but for anyone nervous about going to a tard-hacked site, the graphic is below the fold that they placed there in front of whatever it is they normally have.

One is tempted to correct the grammar on this actually. Do they mean they are from Israel, or the Femen girls are? Do they mean they will feed their dogs Tunisia or…

For those who do not know, Femen are a sort of stiff upper nipple group that protests various things topless and repeating some single phrase, usually in English, over and over again. Sometimes I agree with them and admire their courage and other times I don’t.

Here are some videos of them in action. Here is a newsish video about the Tunisian that the graphic is trying to refer to I think.

Website hacked page below here:

femen hacked

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3 Replies to “Femen website hacked by illiterate cretins.”

  1. Unfortunately, Femen have given themselves some unachievable goals (as I understand it from some media reports): the end of religion, the sex industry, and dictatorships.

    I’m an atheist, but the simple fact is that religion defines the human condition: we are an animal predisposed towards belief systems of some sort, of which religion is not the only, but is the most salient. A more apt name would be Homo religiosus, rather than Homo sapiens.

    Dictatorships? Yeah, right. A pipe dream of many generations.

    The sex industry? Not while there’s a market for it.

    Oppression of females? Some significant gains can be made here. Given this, I think there is an argument for greater focus on practical strategies and strong arguments. Otherwise the movement will be lost in history, remembered only for seeking unattainable goals, like so many other movements in history.

    Practical strategies:
    For example, where is the slogan “Real men don’t rape!”? This slogan needs to be repeated ad infinitum, and where necessary, in an ‘in your face’ fashion.

    This slogan represents a strong argument. No one who condemns rape can reasonably disagree with the statement.

    Regarding religions which oppress females, and blame female beauty for the behaviours of male offenders, where is the blindingly obvious argument pointing out that males making such claims are saying they are too weak to control themselves, and therefore are not real men?

    Why isn’t anyone running these blindingly obvious arguments?

    The whole approach of such arguments is show that males who rape, and who blame females for their actions, are weak, cowardly buffoons, not fit to be called men. This needs to be driven home relentlessly, RUTHLESSLY, and endlessly.

    For fuck’s sake folks, step up to the plate in a real fashion, with arguments that put the onus on others to show that they are either real men who can control themselves, or weak buffoons.

    Do it, for fuck’s sake.

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