At last! A job for which North Koreans are uniquely suited!

In private conversations about the Korean peninsula I often ask people what should be done if a new war or condition were to bring about the situation where millions of severely malnourished brainwashed people who are over an inch shorter than their South Korean counterparts from mere lack of food, suddenly found themselves dependent on the South Korean state.

It would be like German reunification X 1000. I doubt the South Koreans have the resources or the will to deal with that.

Now, thanks to a new job category in the UK there may be a place where North Koreans are uniquely qualified. In fact, the only people properly conditioned and motivated for this exact purpose.

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From the Daily Mail:

‘Professional sobbers’ who charge £45 to attend strangers’ funerals and pretend to mourn

  • Trend originated in China and Middle East but has now spread to UK too
  • Essex firm has 20 professionals on its books

By Hugo Gye

PUBLISHED: 08:17 GMT, 27 March 2013 | UPDATED: 09:13 GMT, 27 March 2013

Grieving relatives worried that their loved ones will not attract enough mourners at their funeral can now bump up the numbers by hiring ‘professional sobbers’.

A growing number of people are hiring out their services at £45 for a two-hour ceremony – and as well as attending the funeral they will weep and talk to friends of the deceased.

The trend started in areas such as the Middle East and China, but the rise of multiculturalism has made it increasingly popular in the UK.

Enterprising: A company based in Essex is hiring out professional mourners for £45 a goEnterprising: A company based in Essex is hiring out professional mourners for £45 a go

Fake mourners, known as moirologists, are trained actors who specialise in the skill of appearing grief-stricken at public events.

Before the funeral services, they are briefed about the life of the deceased so they can talk to other mourners as if they had genuinely known him or her.

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