Saudi passenger demands air hostess be removed from flight

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By Katerina Nikolas
Mar 13, 2013 in World

A male Saudi passenger on a domestic Saudi flight demanded a female air hostess be removed from the plane as she was unaccompanied by a male relative.

Saudi Arabia may have taken a tentative step towards more rights for women by allowing female representation on the Kingdom’s Shoura Council, but attitudes in the male dominated country remain entrenched in the past.

Emirates 247 reported one unenlightened Saudi man on a domestic flight turned on the stewardess who was about to serve him, shouting “why are you here without a related male companion?”

He then demanded the stewardess, along with all other unaccompanied women, be removed from the fight. After his outburst delayed the flight for two hours it was the male passenger who was removed from the flight.

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5 Replies to “Saudi passenger demands air hostess be removed from flight”

  1. They were right to get rid of the passenger and not the stewardess, but it shouldn’t have delayed the flight. They should have waited until they were 30,000 feet up and then removed him.

  2. Yup, Bob. If all the other passengers sued the airline for the delay, the airlines would deal with this kind of obstructions swiftly and harsh.

  3. This was only a “show” removal. Have a look at who owns the Emirate Airlines. The same owner who buys Europe’s most iconic icons eg the Paris soccer club: Paris St. German and half of France’s wonderful real estate. The emirates also bought out our Qantas: Saudis are the Pimps, Qantas is one of their prostitutes. They also have bought the greatest Austration Horse Race (a race which stops the nation) – the Melbourn Cup. Now it’s called “The Emirates Cup”.

    As to the hostesses: as the Emirates are still at the Taquia stage, they wear that little symbolic veil, covering only half of their hair. I bet this veil will soon be extended.

    DONT FLY QANTAS any longer – unless you want to finance global islamisation!

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