Buddhists fight back against Islam and halal slaughter

Leftists must be beside themselves trying to figure out who to back on this one.

The buddhists are more likely to be vegetarians or if not, would support humane slaughter while Muslims want the most painful spectacle they can make happen; all people are the same general colour and would be considered minorities in Western nations. Yet still, Islam is the love-child of the modern left because classical liberals, now called far right extremists, want Islam stopped before it destroys us all.

I guess they will just have to ignore these events, or pretend they aren’t really happening, or lie outright about what is going on.

H/T Magic Martin

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13 Replies to “Buddhists fight back against Islam and halal slaughter”

  1. At least they have the balls to fight back. It could even be that they are the one to start an international campaign against islam and not the West.

  2. “These are obviously not “real” Buddhists! ” *snigger* and spot on!

    Also, listen to the last sentence – it sounds every soooooo BBC condescending.

  3. The Left in the West and elsewhere true to form will support the Muslims over the Buddhists just the same way they support Muslims over Hindus. Already you hear the reporter refer to the Buddhists as militants, about minority Muslims worried about majority Buddhists (minority =victim, majority = perpetrator), and refer to nationalist sentiment. This is how they demonized Hindus and now they are demonizing Buddhists.

  4. It is indeed a heartening moment. How the BBC must wish they were back with their beloved Palestinians in their fancy hotels. Still now they have ran away it shows the world does not think like them. They are the minority trying to impose their ways on the world. As to the Buddhists great show! At least Shri Lanka and Burma will not back down and do not give a damn about the BBC and their minority views.

    Arun is almost right. He says the West, actually it is the western elites who always back the muslims. The West as yet, is still capable of thinking differently to the elite voices they are forced to endure day and night. But he is completely right about the way in which they demonize non muslims.

    Hermes is spot on! What a tangle that means for the BBC.

  5. This is encouraging. I’m thinking of turning Buddhist to get on the winning side of things. Poor BBC, riddled with Muslims and pasty faced pedophiles, whatever will they do?

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