Church in Scotland commits suicide, seeks applause

A brilliant example of misplaced humility. Woe betides the man who cannot tell the difference between charity and submission. For those good feelings will be fleeting at best and the self congratulation of  one’s humility will rapidly become humiliation.

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  1. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Although the Reverend may mean well, his ignorance of Islam is only too obvious and what’s more, his ignorance of Christianity is evident too. He couldn’t be more wrong if he’d allowed Satan-worshipers into his church.
    Of course he would never do that because Satan-worshipers openly admit that they worship Satan. Muslims worship Satan too, but don’t admit it or know it. Allah is a false god of darkness and the Bible clearly states that you must not worship false gods. By opening the doors to Muslims in this way he is committing a very serious offense against Christians and Christianity.

  2. “…to be repeated at a national and global level…”

    The reporter and priest are insane. Let one mosque anywhere in the world open their doors to worshipers of other faiths, Jew, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist first. They won’t even let Hindus pray at the Taj Mahal (which was a Shiva Temple that they foully desecrated as a tomb for Shah Jahan’s one of many wives and concubines – he did not build it for her as you falsely were told), or Christians worship again in Turkey in the Agia Sophia “mosque.” Forget about non-Muslims allowed to worship in mosques that they actually did build.

  3. Typical. All this moronic self-congratulatory “humility”, “compassion”, “sacrifice”, demonstrative and enthusiastic subservience to “the needs” of backward losers. Note that all this do-goodery is explicitly and shamelessly “faith-based” (completely irrational). As if the only way to “affirm humanity” is to promote some pretentious superstitious crypto-socialist bullshit. Why ? No rational explanation is given. It’s all about “feelings” …

  4. UK – Channel 4 to broadcast Ramadan morning prayers

    The channel has announced a season of programmes celebrating the Islamic holy month

    Channel 4 is planning to broadcast Islamic morning prayers as part of a season of programmes celebrating Ramadan, it was announced this morning.

    Jay Hunt, the channel’s chief creative officer, told journalists “This is something no other channel would do.”

    Hunt said the exact format of the broadcasts was yet to be agreed. Asked if they would come from a mosque, she said “We are in discussions about how it would work.”

    The month-long religious observance takes place during July and August and sees Muslims fasting and offering an increased number of prayers and recitations.

    A spokesman was unable to confirm whether it will be the first time a daily prayer service has been broadcast on Channel 4.

    Other programmes in the Ramadan season will include Do You Speak English?, looking at the one million immigrants in the UK who cannot speak the language, and a film that talks to Muslims about the physical and spiritual consequences of fasting during the holy month

  5. Know better? There are plenty of people in the world in so many countries that experienced Islamic terrorism historic and modern incidences and do not know better. People from US should have known better but you still found plenty of people supporting the construction of the Ground Zero mosque in a building in New York that was damaged by debris from one of the planes that crashed into the World Trade Towers. One of them being NY’s own mayor and the entire PC and MSM crowd. This priest has plenty of company the world around.

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