Former BBC security guard who converted to Islam admits terror plot to attack Wootton Bassett and ‘MI5 or MI6 heads’

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Daily Mail

  • Richard Dart, Imran Mahmood, and Jahangir Alom, plead guilty at Old Bailey
  • Admit preparing for terrorism or assisting another in terrorism, between July 2010 and July 2012
  • Trio travelled to Pakistan for terror training and helped others do the same
  • Conversations reveal targets were Wootton Bassett and secret services

By Sam Adams and Martin Robinson

PUBLISHED: 07:16 EST, 15 March 2013 | UPDATED: 09:06 EST, 15 March 2013

A former BBC security guard today admitted playing a part in a two-year terror plot, which included a possible attack on Wootton Bassett, the small town in Wiltshire used for military funerals.

White Muslim convert Richard Dart, 29, also planned to wipe out members of the security services including ‘MI5 or MI6 heads’ after receiving training at Pakistani terror camps.

Dart, who calls himself Salahuddin Al Britani, and co-conspirators Imran Mahmood, 21, and Jahangir Alom, 26, have all pleaded guilty to preparing for acts of terrorism during a brief hearing at the Old Bailey.

Plot: Richard Dart has admitted to involvement with terrorism offences Plot: Richard Dart has admitted to involvement with terrorism offences along with Imran Mahmood, 21, and Jahangir Alom, 26

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EDL Buck also filmed this person’s brother at a talk last year about Islam for us. Here is the clip of his brother below. Article is here:

The rumours that co-conspirators pictured below had been offered supporting roles in the sequel, ‘Return to the Return of the Planet of the Apes are exaggerated but not by much.

Jahangir Alom
 Jahangir Alom Imran Mahmood

Co-conspirators: Former PCSO Jahangir Alom (left) and Imran Mahmood (right) also pleaded guilty at the Old bailey today

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6 Replies to “Former BBC security guard who converted to Islam admits terror plot to attack Wootton Bassett and ‘MI5 or MI6 heads’”

  1. It appears to be ‘racist’ to complain about Muslims even though Muslims are not a race, but is it ok for me to complain about this Muslim? After all he’s White!
    It seems that the Leftists are stuck in a dilemma with this one. Here you have a White convert to Islam who is clearly involved in terrorist activities, so what can be said about this?
    Criticism of activities in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and so on are often met with replies such as ‘well it’s not really Islam, it’s a cultural thing’. Well here we have a man who is a terrorist. Which culture is to blame for his behaviour then? After all he was raised in a white British culture.

  2. Well, the classic post-modernist lefty could always say the problem was precisely because he was white. That only white people misunderstand Islam to the extent that they would plan these things, ignoring his trips to Pakistan and his planet-of-the-apes co defendants of course. But don’t look for a triumph over leftist reasoning. They don’t use it. They use a narrative and then shout you down when you point out the absurdities and inconsistencies of their thoughts.

  3. It was all a dream, Eeyore. I never expected to triumph over the Left, just my little fantasy.
    Of course, I have many logical arguments that can defeat the Left, this is just the latest one. But as you say yourself, these logical arguments will only defeat them if they accept defeat and they never do. The old saying ‘never argue with a fool’ makes a lot of sense and I for one never argue with the ‘real’ Left. but our arguments can still have an affect on the ‘slightly’ Left, the ones who aren’t too far gone to have lost all sense of reason.
    I was a Marxist my self during my young and foolish days but never became too far gone to be cured. One day I got bored with it all and woke up. Life also teaches you a few hard lessons and eventually you wise up to the truth.
    I did hang around with a few hardcore lifelong Marxists though so I know how they think. They are delusional beyond belief. Even at the time, I thought that they were mentally ill.
    Believe me – when you’ve spent a few years hanging around with Trotskyists, militant Lesbians, tree-huggers, feminists and all sorts of other freaks, if you’re half-smart it doesn’t take you long to get out of there fast.
    I’ve never looked back.

  4. I must say, they’ve done wonderful job with the stitching – you can hardly see the scar where they took his brain out. Seems like the leftists use the same surgeon.

  5. I saw that documentary on tv with Richard Dart. It was interesting how someone can change so radically. In any case he will have to do his dawa in prison now. In the documentary he is shown on the streets doing Dawa. I wonder how his bewildered but loving mom thinks of him now. As for prison life, it could sober him up a bit too. And like so many converts he could be islam free mentally within a few years.

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