Sex abuse in Muslim families goes unreported

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Sexual abuse

Four Dutch-Moroccan women, Rabea, Zohra, Ibtisam and Saïda, were all sexually abused by members of their families: their fathers, uncles, brothers or cousins.

After years of silence, they have decided to speak out because they know that many other Muslim women suffer the same fate. A care worker: “Taboos, secrecy, silence, shame and a closed community are almost a recipe for sexual abuse.”

The idea of ‘family honour’ meant that Rabea, Zohra, Ibtisam and Saïda kept their mouths shut. Now they are telling their stories to try and break the taboo surrounding sexual abuse in Muslim families. They no longer see themselves as victims. Their mission is to help other women who are in trouble now.

No criminal report – no figures – no help

Young Muslim women who are abused do not figure in reports. Neither do their abusers. Zohra Acherrat, psychiatrist with the ‘Fier Fryslân’ emergency shelter in Friesland in the north of the Netherlands:

“Muslim men are underrepresented in vice cases. That’s why we tend to overlook things. In most cases, Muslim girls don’t file a complaint. That’s why the abuse goes unnoticed.”

It’s not just in the Netherlands that incest goes unreported. Support workers in Morocco and Denmark know that the abuse goes on there too, but again there are no available figures.

And no figures means no help. Willem Timmer from the National Centre for Expertise on Honour-related Violence (Landelijk Expertisecentrum Eergerelateerd Geweld):

“We don’t draw conclusions from the stories of individual women but from research based on hundreds of dossiers. That leads me to conclude that there isn’t a higher incidence of incest in the Muslim community than in the native Dutch community.”

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Young victims
Their stories are individual but share much common ground. They were all around four or five when someone in their family started abusing them

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  1. This is another reason the Moslems don’t want their women westernized, they don’t want them reporting the sexual abuse.

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