Norway teacher fired after children taste her blood

Before I post this, I would like to say a few words about the racist Norwegian government on this one. I am truly shocked and horrified on behalf of all vampires that they would fire someone for merely exposing the children to alternative dietary lifestyles. Frankly this teacher should sue the school, and Norwegian school-cafeterias should be forced to offer human blood in at least O and AB- for the undead. In fact all food should be certified as vampire-acceptable so that the blood suckers do not feel left out. Many feel it is a grave insult to have to be exposed to people eating animal flesh as well as rotting and decaying plant matter. This firing is a clear sign of the twilight of our civilization.

People, this is a post-human rights issue. The way the Norwegian school boards are treating the metabolically challenged is a disgrace and a travesty. This calls for an immediate class-action suit at the very least.

Vlad Tepes



03/08/2013 15:40

OSLO – A Norwegian kindergarten teacher was fired this week after she brought a vial of her own blood to class and allowed children to touch and taste it, the head teacher of the kindergarten said on Friday.

The teacher in Sola, on Norway’s western coast, brought in a blood sample that was taken earlier in the day and poured it on a plate for the children, aged between 3 and 6, to see.

“The children asked if they could touch it and she allowed them,” Inger Lise Soemme Andersen told Reuters. “Then they asked ‘how do we get it off?’ so she put her finger in her mouth and the children followed suit.

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