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18 Replies to “Muslim kids in Holland praise Hitler, Holocaust”

  1. There has been a growing amount for praise for Hitler on some of the nationalist blogs too. They back this up by claiming that Jews are the driving force behind enforced multiculturism and mass third world immigration into white western countries. At first I thought this was just the usual anti semitism thing, but look a bit deeper and astonishingly it does appear to be indisputable.

  2. Gee! This makes me proud to be European, not! Wow in the space of 15-20 Europe went from being a smug continent that boasted of being oh so liberal with cushy welfare, gay marriage, and pot cafes, to being a place where a scary uncompromising Fascism (Islam) now stalks. The foolish interviewer is deluded if he thinks he can change 1400 years of brutal and unrelenting imperialism; the fool probably thinks he is up against a trifling bit of adolescent anger.

    If I was American I would be feeling a bit smug over the change in Europe. Sure the USA has its own problems with race and economics but nothing like the twilight zone that is Europe. For years we Europeans taunted the Americans over their conservatism, confidence and patriotism and yet it is us who are now having to live through the consequences of liberal and ignorant policies.

  3. @Parisclaims “….At first I thought this was just the usual anti semitism thing, but look a bit deeper and astonishingly it does appear to be indisputable.”'”

    Nice troll, Paris. Now – evidence please…….. Now , if you were talking on topic and talking about islam, a truly retrograde /religio/social/political system and had said ‘ “….At first I thought this was just the usual anti muslim thing, but look a bit deeper and astonishingly it does appear to be indisputable.”'”‘ – the 1400 years worth of evidence is overwhelming

  4. The Muslims do have 1400 years of brutal and unrelenting imperialism; it is a vile ideology with very few fruits.

    It is foolish to blame bad European policy on the Jews. Muslims were admitted to Europe in the 60/70s to satisfy the middle-class need for cheap labour and to undercut the striking indigenous working classes – not many Jews in the Northern mill towns of England to pull off this conspiracy; neither was there an evil Jewish monopoly on hotels and construction in Germany which saw the admittance of Turks. The second wave of immigration was smoothed over with the desires of the left wing elites to have a ready voting block to pander to and to play off against the resentful indigenous working class. Again, Sweden and Norway where this is most acute have tiny and very uninfluential Jewish communities, so close but no cigar with the old blame the Jews/we’re such helpless victims. Us Europeans need to name the real reasons for this descent into this madness and we shouldn’t bother with resentful, self-pitying conspiracies which harms us and our ability to objectively reason.

  5. Media is silent because they see a Dog Bites Man story. Hatred of the Tribes seems normal to the progressive elite.

  6. The interviewer is far too PC to ever change any of their opinions. On being informed that Jud was a swear word, he should have replied that he knew people who used the word muhammedan as an insult, but then that is also free speech.

    Hook onto the children’s “we insult the Jews because we are allowed to and everyone does it” attitude.

  7. @ Hamid…..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGmlCllHyqM

    I didn’t want to believe it either, but facts are facts. Take a look at what Alan Shatter (real name!) is doing to Ireland, and if you can be bothered to look, the same pattern is repeated in just about every white western nation.
    It isn’t down to white middleclass wanting cheap labour, it’s partly down to big business wanting cheap labour and more consumers but mostly socialists importing welfare dependent voters. Jews make up a hugely disproportunate number of those, like it or not.

  8. There is a strain of antisemitism that runs through all of Europe, the west worked hard to remove this after WWII but the Moslem invasion has allowed the home grown antisemits to resurface.

    Molly we over here can’t feel too smug, we have our own Moslem problem and to top that off we need a free and independent Europe as much as you need us to remain free and independent. When the Germanys reunited in the 90’s my father (he lived through every war we fought in the 20th Century) said that it was a mistake to allow them to reunite since that would mean we would have to fight them again in 20 to 30 years.

  9. The Jews, the Jews ,the Jews………BAH!

    It amazes me how intelligent people can talk about blaming the Jews. They weren’t clever enough to stop 6 million of themselves being slaughtered so what makes them clever enough to run the world. Money runs the world but funnily enough not all Jews are rich. Other people in other races are too.

    Darwin implied the brown races would never be strong enough in the survival of the fittest, but he didn’t take into account numbers. Its boots on the ground that win wars and the west as we know it is fucked. All we can do is try and preserve as much of our civilisation as possible and try not to let it be Islam dominated.

  10. I’m sure most people would agree that not all muslims are paedophiles who operate in gangs and rape young white girls, but most of those that do are muslims. They are hugely over represented in this crime and it is a muslim problem ( actually a problem for the white girls) By the same token Jews are hugely over represented in those who flood western countries with third worlders. In the UK we have had Straw, Hodge, and Roach, in Ireland Shatter and please look at the youtube clip I posted earlier. of Barbara Spectre.

  11. ParisClaims:

    The evidence for Muslim rape gangs is overwhelming. Other than that one highly obnoxious Scandinavian Jewish multiculturalist, where is your evidence that Jews are flooding Europe with Muslims, who are of course, antisemites and making Europe unlivable for Jews to a much higher degree than for anyone else.

    In fact, if you were right about your contention then Jews would be so amazingly stupid that they would deserve what they get. But I am pretty confident that you have no evidence for your classic antisemetic slur, as that is what it is. An attempt to defer blame from where it belongs, the culture of horror that is Islam, to Jews. The ones who at the leading edge of Islamic persecution.

  12. This is but one more example of how brainwashed many of our young and not so young people are today. They regurgitate the same lines over and over again. Jews bad. It doesn’t matter what the topic is. Proof and evidence not required.

  13. Eeyor, Take a look at this if you like. I’ve been attacked on nationalist sites, called a Zionist etc for being supportive of Jews & Israel


    It’s not just a handful of nutters. It’s a mystery to me why they would support this insanity. There’s loads of evidence if you look for it.

  14. Yes, Europe is very screwed up.

    Imagine how Hitler would have treated them if they were in Germany at the time.

  15. Ohhh God, yes quantity has a quality of its own but victory does not always go to the side with the most troops.this has been proven many times through out history, what wins wars is weapons, money and tactics and men. As long as we are playing the softly, softly game with the Jihadists they win because we are limited in what we do. Once the fighting becomes general it is discipline, weapons and tactics that will determine who wins. The Arabs and the Arabiczed cultures in the Islamic world have a problem in maintaining discipline and in holding their troops together when facing a disciplined enemy. Read more military history before you say we have lost before we start fighting.

  16. Paris there is also loads of evidence of damn near every western nation heavily involved in their own destruction. This I put down to greed and the false pride a narcissist craves. Profit is an acceptable reward to many and admiration from media and politicians is taken as payment from other narcissistic persons. Your argument falls apart when you look at the people on both sides and discover what is most important to them. One group does not give a crap about tomorrow because either their wealth can protect them or because they will be dead in fifty years. [You can fit many politicians, CEO’s, the UN staff, etc into this group]. They are to greedy to care.
    The other group consists of many who are admired by and encouraged by their religion if they take every opportunity the kafir gives them while breeding as best you can afford. These people are following the rules of their people. These ones get to ride on the coat tails of extremists and anyone who screams islamaphobia, benefiting from concessions and fully aware of the part they play. How could they not? It’s been scripted.

  17. @Paris – a youtube video is NOT evidence. It’s better to be form one’s own opinions by personal experience. Here’s a suggestion. Save some money – fly down to say, Jordan (one of the few islamic countries not experience a huge amount of turmoil.) and spend 2 weeks there. Look at the economy and industry, get the vibe from the people. Now – take a 3 hour bus ride over to Israel – and soak up the culture there. If you are honest – I know which one you will admit to preferring..

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