Fantastic example of how Muslims manipulate language to make it a weapon of jihad

Many times we have posted how when Muslims use terms like ‘defense’ they really mean opposition to those who would resist having sharia law imposed on them, and therefore, Islamic rule. I even did a video explaining this with an interview with Clare Lopez, former CIA trainer. However nothing I have posted does as good a job at explaining exactly this kind of rhetorical deception as this jihadi video from this ‘Norwegian’ mustard/jihadi.

Youtube took the video down, but here it is below.

My edited version of it is here:

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5 Replies to “Fantastic example of how Muslims manipulate language to make it a weapon of jihad”

  1. I remember how during Nam the left kept talking about the US trying to enslave the Viets, a fight to keep them from being enslaved was twisted 180 degrees, just as the Moslems are twisting the language so defense of civilization and freedom is called a crusade (which has itself been twisted to mean an evil invasion) and the Islamic war of conquest is called defense.

  2. Poor man. He is deluded to think that Islam’s future is bright. In fact, Islam is dying before our eyes. Muslims are killing Muslims, and other Muslims see that something is terribly wrong. They have doubts but cannot give vent, as they will be killed.

    Muslims living in the West must see the lunacy that stalks Islamic countries. Islamic countries are horrible places even for Muslims. Apart from the countries that are oil rich, the standard of living is pitiful. Even the oil rich countries are hell holes of despotism, nepotism, corruption, and police states of the most brutal kind. The sharia ones are the worst of the lot.

    Conclusion: Horrible religions give rise to horrible countries, full of horrible people. Even the not so horrible become horrible just to survive.

  3. It is obvious that we are in great need of re-opening and/or building asylums once again. These people are absolutely bonkers and in desperate urgent need of medication. Government of the western world – do your job

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