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16 Replies to “Russians make fun of Swedish military in song”

  1. The song is funny but the subject matter is scary, the idea that Russia is thinking about Sweden as a nation for conquest makes we wonder just how much of Europe Putin wants?

  2. I giggled, but dont know yet quite why ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Laughing is easier than thinking…I think…
    …to the sounds of pennies dropping…NATO…Bosnia…Turkey….EU….. (watch this spot ;))

  3. Don’t think it would be difficult to invade a Country with a bunch of “Nice Boys” like that, i’m sure they could “entertain” a few of the Russian Troops,lol.

  4. History says that Russian conquests suffer as much as the victims of the MB, different types of torture and different types of rules but the lose of freedom is the same.

  5. Someone said: “islam is communism with a god” ….and any “ism” which has the allah of mohamed added to it can only be made worse…in my humble opinion, of course ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I enjoyed this,. Think carefully now,…. you’d never see music and a comedy video like this being made by Muslim retards would you? At least the Russians have sense of humour.

  7. It should be noted that contemporary Russia has the same geopolitical problems it has always had, and therefore the same geopolitical goals it has always had, but unlike Islam it no longer has communism holding it back. Should Russia decide to exert itself again, it will be much much harder to stop and impossible to defeat. Especially now that Western Europe and the USA seem to have embraced communism, the very ideology that self destructed the old Soviet Union.

  8. So, the West being between the devil and the big sea: Which one would you rather have as the “conqueror”: muslim brotherhood’s islam, or Putin’s Russia? And “neither” wont work with this hypothetical ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. @Rita, we don’t have to be conquered by anyone, it is not a given that we will be. In fact looking at the economic as well as political problems around the world it is more likely that the Moslem controlled nations will implode to a much larger extent then the west. Also during times of economic turmoil the native citizens of the nations tend to band together to protect their nation and culture. This is done despite the best efforts of the various peace at any cost politicians. Second Russia has its own problems above and beyond the Islamic assault on the world, right now Putin is paying native Russian women one or two years wages just to have a baby. Russia has a population crisis because the women are refusing to have any kids and their population is dropping.

    On that subject, if you take a good hard look at the demographic data you will find that the Moslem world is going into a population decline and in the case of Iran a major decline. Also from things I have been reading the Moslem nations that have Sharia law are experiencing a major drop in people going to the Mosque, they also can be found breaking Sharia when the religious police aren’t around. If we can fight them off long enough we won’t have be conquered by anyone to avoid the Islamic conquest.

    If you want to remain free you have to fight to ensure your freedom, this does not include deciding which tyrant you prefer to conquer your nation.

  10. Roles change: a totally new Russia – postcommunist, and deeply Christian and Orthodox – could once more save Sweden and Europe from dangers! Nobody who knows history here? – from the time Russians fought the Turks, for example. Take a trip to Sofia, Bulgaria, and study the monuments of the main cathedral and the tribute to hundred thousand Russian soldiers who died. And today, Russia seems to be one of the few european countries that want to stay white, christian, european.

    I believe several commentators here should adopt a more sophisticated point of view about Russia. The cold war is over, and there is something new going on. Let’s hope it will be for the good.

    Disclosure: I, Scandinavian, have been living in Russia several years, and I’m exited about Russians and their culture, beyond temporary post-communist problems and figures as Putin and Medvedev)

  11. @Richard: It was actually a “hypothetical” (pessimist, but hypothetical). And answering my own question: without a second’s hesitation, I would rather have Putin’s Russia in my house than any shadow of a muslim brotherhood.

    @ Blikk, Breida – I too have always liked what I refer to as the “Russian soul” – only put on ice ca 1917, but allowed – even under Putin – to slowly thaw out again. And I even have to confess to a liking of Putin when I look at the rest of the political leaders, including Angela Merkel who seems to have lost it – when she now is in favour of letting the wolf into the chicken coop (pen?) – in favoring the entry of nasty Turkey into the EU.

  12. PS: @ Richard: Although I have read about the decrease in the muslim birthrate, just to look at Memry tapes and Palestinian Watch TV excerpts alone makes me feel physically ill. It shows that there is a whole new generation of jihadists being born and “made”. So we are talking at a long time before we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And with Qatar buying everything they can lay their oil-smeared fingers on in Europe (and even in Australia), and their purses still full to overflowing, by the time all these up-coming little murderers are in the arms of their black-eyed virgins, our daughters will long be used to wearing the burka and all that goes with it.

  13. @Rita: You can believe what you want but Czar Vladamir is not a nice guy and his alliance with Iran, his attacks on political opponents and his attacks on reporters prove this, Putin was a KGB officer that spent his career rooting out dissidents, he fills his government with ex KGB people who support him. Is he better then the Moslems? Yes but not by much, he is a tyrant who wants to be in total control of all aspects of Russia and the new Russian Empire he wants to found. Personally I suspect he wants to bring back a hereditary monarchy with his family as the Monarchs, monarchs that have the power to over turn any decision by the legislature when they want.

    Rather then deciding which tyrant we would rather live under we should be working to keep both from conquering any of the west.

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