Have a really really good look at the symbol for the OIC. When you realize what it obviously means, the more difficult thing to understand is, they really really mean it.


The Organization of Islamic Cooperation has set about launching a television channel to broadcast via satellite to the whole world.

OIC to launch satellite TV channel to counter Islamophobia
Posted 26.02.2013 12:58:16 UTC
Updated 26.02.2013 14:01:13 UTC

The channel will both get the general public acquainted with the Islamic divide and broadcast transmissions supporting peace. The meeting in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where this idea has been taken up at length was attended by OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin ?hsano?lu and the representatives of member countries. Turkish Radio and Television and Radio and Television Supervisory Board representatives also attended the meeting on behalf of Turkey. OIC Secretary General ?hsano?lu said that setting up such a channel was something the organization should have done much earlier and stressed that it is now an inevitable necessity. He said what the OIC wants to do via this planned channel is to explain the values Islam is based on and give the message that the Prophet Muhammed was sent to mankind as a blessing.

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  1. Taqiyya broadcast Worldwide. Now that’s a frightening thought!

    As for the OIC symbol, well it looks like a globe to me….. a round Earth, not a flat Earth. Now surely this contradicts the Koran, doesn’t it?.
    Well, yes it does – so even their symbol tells lies about what they really believe. Not complete lies though, as the symbol clearly shows the Kaaba as the centre of the World.
    Still, the best of lies, the ones that are the most most difficult to spot, are the ones that also contain some truth.
    Deceit is deeply ingrained within these desert rats, right from the start!

  2. We know who their targetted audience is . . .but what makes them think anyone in this targetted group is going to bother seeking out their deceptive crap? Western culture is drawn to reality TV, and no other culture provides the kind of societal disfunction like the Islamic culture. For every attempt to present deceptive Islam, followers of the war creed provide exponentially more footage. A great feature of Western culture is capitalism, proving once again that there will always be opportunity to compete for airwaves and the internet levels the $$ playing field. They may as well place that OIC symbol on a giant gong.

  3. I agree with wtd2, the useful idiots will be drawn to the shows. However the thinking people will be driven into the anti-jihad movement.

  4. Huh. When the “film and music leads to moral corruption” Taliban take over an area their religious police go around trashing satellite dishes,

  5. It’s truly unfortunate that oil was found in Saudi Arabia, and other Gulf states. Without this wealth funding the onslaught of Islam, it would fall flat for want of credibility—and many other reasons, of course. As it is, we must find means other than wealth to combat the propaganda tsunami about to engulf us.

    They say that truth always prevails. I fervently hope so.

  6. You see it is all about perception not reality. So the question for this ole gob-shite or who ever the hell his handlers or owners are: What is the purpose behind pushing “islamaphobia” , a negative, irrational notion into the minds of ordinary every day folk and then fortifying it with threats of punishment for any perceived breach?

    Notice how they never, ever present evidence to substantiate these spurious claims which are being relentlessly leveled at the Christian , democratic West Only. .Now compare this with how they deal with the systematic persecution and genocide of Christians in the Islamic world and beyond. Is this normal? Little wonder then, with psychopathic, pathological liars like this at the top that the world is in the state it is today!

  7. If “Islamophobia” would result in mass murder, like how Anti-Semitism lead to the Holocaust, “Islamophobia” would have to worse than Anti-Semitism, as there are 1.5 billion muslims. “Islamophobia” is caused by poverty and underdevelopment. Only if Saudi-Arabia and Qatar share their enormous wealth with Europe and America, can “Islamophobic” terrorism like that of Anders Behring Breivik be prevented. Islam has to remove the root causes of “islamophobia”.

  8. Stop the parvovirus! According to the ko-rap…the world is flat…so why would the filthy koranimals need something to circle the flat world? Umm…I smell blasphemy, with a hint of apostasy…which leads to….(Drum roll………..) their death.

    Haha. Classic koranimal stupidity.

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