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  1. Fresh clashes break out in Egypt’s Mansoura, dozens injured

    Dozens were injured in the early hours of Saturday when fresh clashes broke out between protesters and riot police in the Nile Delta city of Mansoura.

    According to Ahram’s Arabic-language news website, the melee started when police forces fired tear gas at protesters in front the Daqahliya governorate headquarters as clashes in the restive city of Mansoura continued for a sixth day.

    The Egyptian Popular Current, which was founded by ex-presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi, said police had laid siege to its bureau in the city. It also said four were killed in the clashes, quoting a doctor in a makeshift clinic.

    Eye witnesses said a police truck ran over a protester, according to Ahram’s news website, while a footage broadcast on satellite channel ONTV showed police dragging and beating up a man captured in the clashes.


  2. LOL but what would the MB or the mullahs and their like minded ilk know about dance style, music and lyric? They are all open advocates of a system which elevates the brute over the spiritual. Worse it is also a religion for them. They are tone deaf and really have no music in their hearts. There is nothing for them beyond sex violence sex violence sex violence sex violence sex violence and on and on and on ………. ………………………………………………to their paradise. Their whole world and beyond revolves around this dominant, dead beat meme! Was it not Shakespeare who once said:

    “The man that hath no music in himself, nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons stratagems and spoils”

  3. The main problem with Islam is that is creates a system of privilege. Certain men can enter mosques without having beards and wearing gowns, others can’t. THIS SHOULD BE OUR FIRST CONCERN.

  4. Egypt’s MB tries to scrap ‘Harlem Shake’ video of members

    The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (MB) attempted late Saturday to remove a YouTube video of its members doing the “Harlem Shake.” The video was made by the MB members wanting to mock the country’s main opposition bloc, the National Salvation Front.

    The Brotherhood took it down from the video-sharing site after identifying one of the dancers who was bare-chested. The dancers in the video were wearing photos of opposition figures as masks, and they performed the dance

    Although the video is believed to be removed by the initial YouTube account that posted it, it is still available online after it quickly circulated.

    A number of social media sites run by Salafis and other Islamist groups have denounced the “Harlem Shake” as indecent, with participants smoking, dancing wildly and simulating sexual acts.


  5. Kerry says US releasing millions in aid to Egypt

    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says the Obama administration is rewarding the Egyptian government with financial aid because of Cairo’s promises of economic and political reforms.

    Kerry says the U.S. is providing $190 million immediately as part of a larger pledge of $450 million over time.

    Kerry says the money reflects Egypt’s “extreme needs” and President Mohammed Morsi’s commitment to satisfying conditions to close a $4.8 billion package of International Monetary Fund loans.

    Kerry also says that a separate $60 million is for a new fund to provide direct support to Egyptian entrepreneurs and young people.

    The announcement of the aid came after Kerry’s meeting Sunday with Morsi.


  6. Tahrir protesters clash with police; Ultras Ahlawy besiege central bank

    Anti-govt demonstrators clash with police in Cairo’s flashpoint Tahrir Square as Ultras Ahlawy block Salah Salem St. in advance of contentious 9 March court ruling in Port Said stadium trial

    […]a group of Ultras Ahlawy – hardcore fans of Cairo’s Ahly football club – blocked Cairo’s Salah Salem Street, a major thoroughfare leading to Cairo International Airport. Members of the group set tyres alight in the middle of the road, bringing traffic in both directions to a standstill.

    In downtown Cairo, meanwhile, Ultras Ahlawy members laid siege to Egypt’s central bank, blocking access to the building and obstructing traffic in the area.


  7. EGYPT – MARCH 03 2013 – Health Ministry: 310 people injured in Port Said clashes

    Clashes between police and protesters in Port Said have left 310 people injured, 33 of whom were shot with birdshot, said Helmy al-Afny, the Health Ministry’s undersecretary in Port Said.

    Dozens of protesters attacked the Port Said Security Directorate with Molotov cocktails Sunday, setting the directorate on fire and completely destroying it, after authorities transferred defendants in the ongoing football violence trial to an unknown location late Saturday.


    VIDEO- PORT-SAID – Police officers throwing stones on the protesters from the rooftop of a building

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