North Korea issues 28 official hairstyles for its citizens


 North Korea hairstyles: North Korea has issued 18 official hairstyles for women to choose from. IMAGE

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Women get to choose from 18 cuts, while men have 10 official “socialist” hairstyles to choose from.

North Korea is getting a makeover.

Want China Times, a news website operated by The China Times, reported that North Korea has approved 28 official “socialist” hairstyles.

The hairstyles are “capable of warding off the corrupting effects of capitalism,” the Times quoted as saying.

The cuts are about more than fashion. They are a statement about North Korea’s values, which apparently don’t include spiky hair.

North Korea hairstyles: North Korea only provided 10 official hairstyles for men. IMAGE

According to the Times, there are separate approved styles for single and married women, with married women getting a bit more variety. Women have 18 styles to choose from overall, while men have 10.

The Times said the approved styles are seen on the walls of salons around the country. There was no mention of how the styles would be enforced.

The fashion restrictions run deeper, though.

The Times reported that the hair guidelines stipulate that men should get a haircut every 15 days and keep their hair no longer than two inches, as “longer hair apparently takes away nutrition from the brain.” Older men can have hair as long as 2.8 inches.

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