Nearly half Saudi women are beaten at home

The rest are probably beaten elsewhere.



Study shows desert people are less violent that other Saudi men

Published Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nearly half Saudi women are beaten up by their husbands or other family members at home and many of them are hit by sticks and head cover, according to a university study published in local newspapers on Tuesday.

Surprisingly, the study found that the Bedouin men who still dwell the desert in the conservative Gulf Kingdom, are less violent than Saudi men in urban areas.

The study was conducted by Dr Lateefa Abdul Lateef, a social science professor at King Saud University in the Capital Riyadh. It involved female students at the university and some Saudi women covered by the government’s social security.

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2 Replies to “Nearly half Saudi women are beaten at home”

  1. The men in the desert are less violent? Surely not. I mean, the Bedhouin represent what life was like in Arabia in pre-Islamic times and any good Muslim knows that Mohammed came along and improved conditions for women!

  2. “….hit by sticks and head cover”.
    By head cover they mean that rope loop that Saudi men wear around the crown of the head.

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