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14 Replies to “Oz news piece on protests at Geert speech”

  1. But one thing that stands out here is that the ABC (our version of BBC) is surprisingly objective in reporting it. You dont get that one often at the ABC. This film doesn’t show the tickets ripped out of the hands of an elderly woman and another person being spat on by those rabble. I heard one of their counterparts in Sydney, referring to Geert Wilders, shouting: “He is a fucking Jew” and repeating it mantra-like. That is the level of our “Youth” and our “Future” ??? And it is!

  2. correction: that moron actually shouted about Geert Wilders: “He is a fucking GERMAN Jew”…perhaps he thought all Dutch are Germans, or “just a Jew” is not insulting enough, it would pack a bigger punch if he said “German Jew”, but the reality probably is that he believed it.

  3. They(MSM)portray it as some sort of showdown? When in reality,the people trying to enter the venue were being beaten for wanting to express their thought.

  4. They were thinking of a way to understand,why they were not allowed to go somewhere in their own free country?

  5. The left firmly believes in no platform. The very fact that the police protects Geert Wilders is seen as proof that Wilders is part of the oppressive capitalist system. And people with privilege don’t deserve free speech. And it has to be admitted that bourgeois democracy has a vested interest in upholding the appeareance of the rule of law. As Geert Wilders and his followers do not (yet) use violence, but the left already does, the police protects Geert Wilders. According to the left, Geert Wilders and his followers are only peaceful because they do not yet have the power to physically attack leftists. They accuse Geert Wilders of hudna and taqiyya. But lets face it, if a follower of Geert Wilders would use violence, he would be punished far more severely than a leftist who attacks a follower of Geert Wilders. So it is the leftists who are the lackeys of the oppressive capitalist system.who have privilege and don’t deserve free speech.

  6. The marvelous thing about showing these rabble rousers demonstrating always comes down to showing how ignorant and brain washed these people are. It is hoped that networks like the BBC, the CBC and the ABC around the world continue reporting such stories. As for Geert Wilders, his message is clear and for the benefit of all who cares about their country and their way of life.

  7. A few corrections – there were 500 (ish) attendees and about 40 – 60 protesters.. Hardly about the same numbers..

    And as a larf – after the hotel in the CBD backed out the Q society found an alternative – 30k out of the city and 4 k from a train station. So the non-car driving (too poor to afford a car), vegan (too poor to afford meat) socialists could not get there in force!!

    If they kept their traps shut they could have had a small army in the CBD (think G20).. But could barely fill a single bus with what they got out to the industrial park in the Northern suburbs!

  8. @dagawker: Yes.
    @oogenhand: good analysis – made me think of the similarities their methods have with those of the Nazis and the communists (Stalinists)
    @ramjetejmar: agree, except that the BBC and ABC and their ilk are near criminal manipulators of the news – eg: if you only watched the ABC programs and did not have the know-how to read between the lines or to watch other sources, you really would believe that the “poooooor muslims” were the victims and Geert Wilders was the big bad raaaaaaaaaaaaacist, and his followers where all decrepit old nazis. Much of their “news sources” actually come from the terrorist-favouring AlJezeera.

  9. @Stealthmodeon
    1. Do we know who betrayed the new venue? I actually suspect the ABC, because they even brought a very anti-Geert Wilders “docu” where they filmed the rabble “preparing” their demonstration in Melbourne.
    2. I read somewhere that the Hotel in the CBD was owned by a muslim, is that true, do you know?
    3. Kudos to the Q-Society – truly a brave David fighting a nasty Goliath.

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