Hyderabad India: Terror Attack – Begum Bazaar Now Targeted: Revenge for Execution of Muslim Terrorist?

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Feb 24 2013:

The Caliphate is marching forward, leaving Hindus in its wake, an easier target today than Americans. The Indian Mujahideen” is suspected in two bombings in Hyderabad, one outside of a bus station and one outside of a movie theater, each attached to bicycles. Sixteen are dead, 70 injured. In a letter reported today, several days after the two Hyderabad bombings, Lashkar-e-Taiba is claiming responsibility, and are believed to be a front for the Indian Mujahideen. As you’ll read below, Hyderabad executed a Muslim militant convicted of a 2001 attack on India’s parliament. After 3,000 died in the U.S. in 2001, we haven’t executed a single terrorist through our Department of Justice – but perhaps we would have had Capitol Hill been attacked, or the Obama DOJ.

Graphic Courtesy of Bosch Fawnstin

Graphic Courtesy of Bosch Fawnstin

Echoes of August 2007 when 42 died in two separate bomb blasts in Hyderabad.

India has been under a heightened state of alert over the hanging of Mohammed Afzal Guru, a Kashmiri militant killed nearly two weeks ago. He was executed for his involvement in a 2001 attack on India’s parliament that killed 14 people, including five gunmen.

Since the execution, near-daily protests have rocked Indian-ruled Kashmir, where many people believe Guru did not receive a fair trial. Anger in a region where anti-India sentiment runs deep was further fuelled by the secrecy with which the execution was carried out. Source: The Guardian

August 2007 in Hyderabad, two bombs exploded 5 minutes apart, one at an amusement park and one at a restaurant. Forty-two died, 54 injured.Two unexploded bombs were found the same day, 19 unexploded bombs found the day after. A young Hyderabad man was injured in the 2007 attacks as well as this week’s bombings:

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3 Replies to “Hyderabad India: Terror Attack – Begum Bazaar Now Targeted: Revenge for Execution of Muslim Terrorist?”

  1. It is amazing how blind the PC crowd is. Their reflexive alligence to Islam and Muslims blinds them to the very real victims of Islamic jihad and destruction of nations and genocide of people at the hands of the Islamic scimitar. However up until recently the right side was not interested or were also in alligence to Muslims as they were useful pawns in the great game against communism.
    “[Turkey] had lost her leadership of Islam and Islam might now look to leadership to the Muslims of Russia. This would be a most dangerous attraction. There was therefore much to be said for the introduction of a new Muslim power supported by the science of Britain … It seemed to some of us very necessary to place Islam between Russian communism and Hindustan.”
    – Sir Francis Tucker, General Officer-Commanding of the British Indian Eastern Command.

    Heads up on darker days in India. You can count on fake secular organizations and anti-Hindu Congress party to not only turn a blind eye but also help Muslims to get their vote. If ever your country is partitioned on Islamic lines and it looks like several Western countries are headed that way if they are not taken over wholesale, make sure all Muslims exit to the parts of your land partitioned to create a Muslim state. All of them. If not, if you do a kind thing as India did and allowed Muslims to stay on in non-Islamic territory after dividing the land for them this will be your fate. And Muslims in Europe are not going to be any better than Muslims of Indian subcontinent.

    “…And while the world turns a blind eye to the bloody massacres in India, the Mughalistan Project takes shape. It is the Islamic Pakistan-Bangladesh plan to split India. The plan is being billed as Mughalistan – An undivided Islamic nation in the Indian Subcontinent. Pakistan and Bangladesh would be connected through a land corridor running across the Indo-Gangetic plain, the heartland of India.
    In 1947, India was partitioned into two countries based on religion – India for Hindus and Pakistan for Muslims. Pakistan had two parts to it – West and East. West is now Pakistan, East is now Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971 occurred and a declaration of independence was made. Muslims wanted a corridor between the two countries in 1947 to unite the country and now want it again to ensure that Bangladesh becomes Islamic. For a full explanation of this Project, read here.
    Islam has totally infiltrated India. India has 29 member states and 7 union territories. Kashmir now has a population that is 97% Muslim. This has happened by highly aggressive conversions, marriages and brutal violence. Muslims now own around 100 districts in India and what they don’t own; they are now trying to take by converting owners to Islam, by using violence to drive the Hindus out or by outright theft.
    In West Bengal, out of their 19 districts, 5 are now Muslim and the takeover is growing rapidly. Islam composes 40% of the population there now. In Assam, out of their 21 districts, 8 are now a Muslim majority. There are thousands of no-go areas – these are areas that only Muslims may venture into and where sharia law rules. In Uttar Pradesh, the largest state in India, the Islamic population is now 25%. In Bihar, it is 20%. Kerala – 30%. And in Jammu, it is 40%. These are the most violent territories and it is spreading like wildfire. These numbers were given to me by others living in India. In the US, we are worried about Mosques and Madrassas. In India, their entire country is being invaded; converting hundreds of Hindus every day by force and the rape of Hindu women is commonplace.
    According to the last census in India, the Muslim population was 13.4%. My sources tell me it is actually closer to 35%…..” http://www.rightsidenews.com/2013022432056/world/terrorism/an-islamic-coup-in-india-mughalistan.html

    Read that whole article and think about the very real global ramifications of further Islamized and fractured India. Remember this is a region where Pakistan used US money to develop their nukes with the help of China. Imagine this large nuclearized land mass of “Mughalistan” Pakistan already is the epicenter of Islamic terrorism.

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