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10 Replies to “Lecture on Marxism and contemporary fascination with it”

  1. Yep, a criminal enterprise, which starts with theft and ends with murder. Pretty much sums it up.

    Excellent speech. I’ll play this one for my lefty acquaintances and invite creative discussion (as if).

  2. Everybody can read the New Testament, and see the Christianity forbids lying and violence. Das Kapital is not so easy to read. And the commentaries on Das Kapital are even more obtruse. People can draw their own conclusions.

  3. Socialism/ Marxism/ communism – the Unholy trinity. Three in one and unified in their desire to take humanity to Utopia.

    Unfortunately every attempt has led to humanity being led to the killing fields and the Gulag. This unholy trinity has been responsible for the greatest mass murder of human beings in one century, in all history. Some 150 million killed, more then 10 times that number scarred for life, and its effects continuing even now.

    The BBC runs many documentaries on the survivors of the Holocaust. Why nothing on the survivors of an even greater Holocaust then the one that the Nazis perpetrated?

  4. As Socialism/Marxism/communism is an enemy of Zionism, Zionists have the option of placing the Holocaust in its proper perspective, or face the downfall of Zionism. I was chided for Anti-Semitism when I entered this blog, but we have to face reality. Christianity as well cannot escape any blame for the current problems.

  5. OOg:

    Early Zionism was indeed commie. In fact it was a leftist movement and the early zionists right up to the 1970s and beyond were all about it. Once Kibutzes had outlived their usefulness and people started to want to be paid for their work the whole thing fell apart. It showed that a form of communism can work to help set up a new place in the early stages though. That was interesting.

    But the point is that Zionism was a Communist movement early on.

  6. A great speech but it’s not what it says on the tin. It’s almost all a screed against socialism/communism. That’s fine and I agree with all of it but the title is “Why Marxism”. What is so attractive about it. Why are people drawn to it. He spends very little time addressing that.

    So I will.

    All the socialists I have known have been extremely nerdy and extremely anal. I’ve known more than one to have OCD and the rest to be otherwise complete nerve cases. They are generally borderline asbergers types who find normal human interaction difficult.

    Nerdy, Anal Retentive, Asbergers, OCD, Sexually Paranoid, and Prone to Anxiety.

    It’s what Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory would be like in real life. That is pretty much all the socialists I’ve personally known. Except Sheldon is in the competitive world of physics and is occupied with fantasy which provides psychological satisfaction by proxy. But it’s essentially the same domineering yet asocial personality.

    Socialism is a method of dominating others in ways that are psychologically impossible for those who are most attracted to it.

    That is to say they are nerds who can’t function socially with satisfaction. Socialism allows them to exert, or engage in the fantasy of exerting power over those they feel rejected by.

    That’s why you won’t find the football hero or head cheerleader in the ranks of socialists. They have experienced real world social and material success.

    EXTREME control freaks. Like if Inspector Monk was interested in politics instead of murder investigation. Again, borderline asbergers/OCD. So anal they can’t function socially in a normal way- because the rules of social interaction are too subtle and arbitrary for them.

    That’s one of the reasons so many academics have been attracted to it. It codefies existance and makes it less messy by applying rules and committee meetings to everything.

    The sort who enjoys student government because it allows them to pour thru Roberts Rules of Order in minute detail and then implament it. They LOVE and are obsessed with rules and points of order. That kid at the board or role playing game who constantly goes on about the fiddly rules but doesn’t understand that the whole point is to enjoy social interaction with friends.

    Again, think of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory.

    The socialist world is ruled by nerds who wield rules and comitttee meetings. It has a rule for every little thing which has been decided upon by committees of nerds according to books of rules.

    It is a world devoid of the messyness of free market, where the bold, outgoing, adaptable, charming and mentally agile are more likely win. The socialist world punishes those qualities, the qualities that those attracted to socialism don’t have. It punishes you for being the football hero.

    It punishes you for not being a loser. (I saw a video about soviet animation. The Russian animation academic said by the 1970’s the quality of Russian animation had become declined so much because when someone was particularly good, the less talented would denounce them instead of putting in effort to improve themselves. So over time all the best animators ended up in the gulag and all the cruddy animators rose to the top).

    Those are the psychological reasons why people are attracted to socialism and why they tend to be either academics or mediocre.

  7. Truthiocity that is very good, the only thing to add is their arrogance in thinking that they can make socialism work when no one in all of recorded history could.

  8. Richard re:arrogance. Not so much arrogance. It has to do with rigidity of thought, and taking the concept to heart. 1. they have the thought in their head so contradictory thoughts must be wrong despite all evidence. and 2. They don’t like to hear bad things about things they like or think because they have brittle egos and can’t handle being disagreed with, if they are shown something they think is wrong then, instead of changing their thoughts, they think something is wrong with them and defences kick in, primarily denial. Again think Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory.

    The statements in the lecture showing exactly where Marx talks about mass murder were excelent points – socialists say the horrors of communism have nothing to do with the theory but the lecturer shows us exactly what marx said on the matter – thus proving from the horses mouth that genocide is inherrant to the ideology.

    That would make a devastating clip.

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