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4 Replies to “College rape victim on gun control”

  1. It’s sad when a victim like that is not even given on a voice on the so-called ‘real media.’
    As for Piers Morgan, well, he makes me feel really embarrassed to be British.

  2. I just love the fantasy.
    Judo, Buddy system?

    Like you could possibly win against someone who is stronger and heavier than you in a fight, especially when they take you by surprise, and have their agenda prepared.
    I know lets remove the weight restrictions from boxing matches, and see how many welterweights defeat heavyweights, should be interesting?

    The funny thing is if you proposed a new law that women weren’t allowed to move about the college campus without the presence of a male companion (sound familiar?), the people who’d rather have women raped on a principle would be the one’s howling the most loudly about the unfairness, and sexism of it all.

    The Morgan thing doesn’t surprise me, he’s a deeply unpleasant person.

  3. All of the self proclaimed elite will have armed protection, they just don’t think the rest of us deserve to be protected by guns.

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