Public lavatories to become “gender neutral”

Yes. I agree that we should ignore the 99.995% of the public’s culture, history, feelings, sense of propriety and modus operandi in order to slightly and nearly imperceptibly make the 00.005% of the population who might want this, and then again might not, feel ever so slightly better. (% by lowballing averages of people seeking ‘gender reassignment surgeries in Europe)


 A city council has scrapped male and female public lavatories in favour of “gender neutral” facilities so as not to alienate the transgender community.

A public lavatory block is to become “gender neutral”

5:31PM GMT 17 Feb 2013

The move was described as “political correctness gone barmy” by opponents who warned that the vast majority would prefer to use single sex loos.

Brighton and Hove City Council disclosed in emails that it wished to promote the term “gender neutral” and build facilities which are open to all, regardless if sex.

They believe such facilities will be more accessible for those who do not identify with the male-female binery.

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17 Replies to “Public lavatories to become “gender neutral””

  1. I think its time that someone took a giant steamer on the sidewalk next to one of these and claimed it was their claustrophobic right to do so and that municipalities need to accommodate those with a psychopathology of fear of small flowery commodes. Lets see how far you can push these commie traitors before people start to take back reason from treason.

  2. Who elects these idiots? Or rather, who gives them jobs in the first place and then promotes them? This is the garbage that taxpayers money is wasted on. It’s getting stupid to the point of lunacy now, and it’s about time that someone took these jerks and stuffed their heads down lavatories, ‘gender neutral’ or otherwise.

  3. Oh, do piss off all of you ‘gender neutral’, ‘human rights’ and ‘seriously intellectually challenged plonkers’. Your collective stupidity is now beginning to make my eyes water – whether from laughter or despair I know not – and hence I hereby award you a moral and cultural ‘Darwin Award’, and let it be known that I would happily piss on your graves other than for the fact that I choose not to queue for anything. (Obvious references to micturition not withstanding).

  4. 1 not having to spend 15 minutes in line to use the facilities is great. Now men will have to wait forever to use the loo. If drunk they will just do it in the street.
    2 women would not want to use the same facility as men because of the pidddle on the floor and seats.
    3 r.a.p.e. they had better build rape counciling centers next to these things, because the’re going to be needed.
    4 this is in fact a disservice to the transgnedered. Someone who identifies as a woman would WANT to use the ladies room.

  5. Me thinks it is time to stop discriminating against porcelaine. We should go to the bathroom anywhere and everywhere we see fit so as not to discriminate against anyone or anything.

  6. This is not stupidity or political correctness gone mad. IT IS TAKING THE PISS. Rubbing our noses in it, call it what you will. They are doing it because they can. Its got sod all to do with cissies feeling comfortable and EVERYTHING to do with making ‘normal’ people feel UNcomfortable.They hate us with a vengeance, and until and unless we find the guts to stop accepting this tripe they’ll keep doing it

  7. Purvy wankers rejoice! Theres nothing more than pervs and peeping toms will like more than multi-toilet “gender neutral” bathrooms filled with both sexes. Expect this to collide head on with reality in the most amusing way.

  8. ” this is in fact a disservice to the transgnedered. Someone who identifies as a woman would WANT to use the ladies room.”

    My thoughts exactly (I’ve known umpteen transsexuals in my lifetime). My suspicions is that this is being done for a minority of a minority of a minority. After 30 years of being involved with gay rights, I’ve occasionally heard people bleating about LGBTQi. When asked what the “i” is for, no-one can tell me if it means “inbetween” or “indeterminate”. Only those who cannot tell or do not know if they are male or female would identify as “inbetween”.

    Allowance must be made for those “inbetweeners” when, even amongst white people, those with blue eyes are fast-approaching extinction! 100 years ago, 50% of the white people in the US had blue eyes; now it is only 15%. No allowance is made for them, and the neo-fascist Left should “racist” should you even mention this.

  9. Can you imagine if your young child saw a “man” in a dress and full drag, peeing in a urinal? not very nice! Likewise if some lumbering male who has not quite gone thru sex change, lurches into ladies loo?? These scum are the destroyers of the world!!

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