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3 Replies to “Michael Coren and Robert Spencer. Jihad Watch Feb 14 2013”

  1. Nobody need worry this muzzie in Glasgow will be delt with “Jail-Style” he will be in Solitary for a few Years,then slowly introuduced to main stream Prison Life,thats when the Prisioners will strike,his life in any Glasgow Prison will be intolerable,he’s got to eat from the same Kitchen as everybody else and i for one would not like to taste what goes in his Food,rest-assured it will come,he’ll be screaming to meet his false god.

  2. Clearly the islamo-leftist regime in Washington is in bed with the Brotherhood. Yet I dont think they know what they are doing. They certainly think a kind of “islamo-democratic” Middle East can be made, turning the jihadis in North Africa, Turkey and Syria into mainstream partners. Yet all they have created so far is deadly chaos and worse still is to come.

    I had not heard about the islamic murder-gang in Scotland and its victim. What a truly evil and truly quranic atrocity they commited!!!

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