Ameri-tards take down Syrian helicopter

Interesting accent on these Jihadis. I wonder if they are violating any laws on engaging in Foreign wars? Or are they actually American Muslim Mercs or something. In any case, this is an interesting little clip.

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  1. Did they put something in the World’s water supply about thirty years ago and I happen to be one of the people who didn’t drink it?
    What is it with Islam and Muslims? Why would anyone want to be one or become one? Seriously, what’s the deal with Islam?
    Like shit in a field, these Muslims get everywhere – absolutely fucking everywhere!

  2. Vlad, can you please download this video into an MRCTV video and reload it, as this prick may take down his video once persons start looking for him.

    I am sending out a request to identify this asshole. This is exactly the sort of human garbage Minister Jason Kenny is looking for.

    What this Jihadist/Mercenary is doing is exactly what the Khadr Klan did when Sgt Christopher Speer was murdered.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  3. Perhaps the appeal of Islam to certain white people is that they can be violent and gleeful of such violence guilt free. And any White anti-semite can hate Jews openly as Muslims, which is probably why some Nazis convert. They can be a part of Arab racism to all other races guilt free. No PC police will poopoo the white Muslim celebrating death and destruction, antisemitism and racism. These same two guys if were Christian or atheist would be hounded by the left for their expression of joy. But as Muslims they get a pass. Whites as Muslims can kill infidels and get a pass while whites as Christians would not. This only works if they convert to Islam. It won’t work if convert to say Hinduism which is a religion the left goes after with abandon and depicts negatively as oppressors of Muslims ignoring centuries of Islamic jihad and partition of India by Muslims. Muslim trumps Hindu for the leftist kinda like how Muslim trumps gay or feminist. Converting to Islam is the get out of jail free card no one else has. All sorts of prejudices get over looked and made excuses for by the PC police.

  4. I pretty much download everything I use here (Except SUN TV clips) in case it vanishes but I didnt upload it as I thought it might be your channel. I will put it on MRC. Do you have any additional info that might be added to the clip?

  5. Hello there…..

    The man in the video link above and in the photographs attached is an unidentified jihadist/mercenary of either American or Canadian origin.

    This bastard needs to be identified and identified quick. He is acting as a Jihadist/Mercenary and is actively engaged in the murder of Syrian soldiers and civilians. This man is NOT a journalist, no journalist speaks in the collective “we” with respect to a body count.

    In Canada there has been a growing problem of “Canadians” like the Khadr family and many Somalis and Sudanese who, while claiming to be “Canadian” or “American”, have gone overseas to get Jihadist training and engage and participate in wars, killing Canadian and American soldiers.

    In many cases these men are coming back to Canada and the United States and engaging in not only the training of home-grown Jihadists, but the planning of terrorist actions like the actions planned by the Toronto 18.

    In that case those bastards planned to slaughter as many Canadian members of parliament and senators as they possibly could, including the beheading of our Prime Minister. They were stopped in the midst of unloading ammonium-nitrate that was to be used to build a massive truck bomb that would have killed hundreds, potentially thousands of innocent men, women and children.

    This is how we stop this, by identifying and incarcerating murderous human garbage like this man and turning him over to the authorities.

    Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney and the Minister of Public Safety, Vic Toews, have clearly stated their desire to vigorously pursue persons like this. Lets help them out.

    Please circulate this email to all your friends and family and send it to local law enforcement with a request to investigate. Send this to your favorite blogger, circulate it widely.

    Someone knows this bastard, lets find out who he is.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper

    Immigration Minister Jason Kenny

    Public Safety Minister Vic Toews

  6. Unless they have changed the law it is illegal for American citizens to enlist in the military of other nations or rebellions without government approval, and I believe that it is Congressional not Executive approval that is needed.

  7. If they accept a commission in a foriegn army, they have become non-citizens under the US constitution.

    If they accept a commission from AQ, they are also traitors, and enemy soldiers, who can be shot and blown up at will, or tried for treason if they surrender.

  8. “ is illegal for American citizens to enlist in the military of other nations..” Are you sure? Has any American citizen ever been charged with or convicted of joining a foreign army, without “permission”? Besides, do you realize that all it takes to be an “American” is for one’s mother to jump the border illegally from Mexico, plop down the kid, then take that kid back to Mexico… that kid is an “American”, even though he has never been to the US since birth and may not speak a word of English. He is just as “American” as you or me. Anyway, the outrage about an “American” doing this is silly and unnecessary. I think these terrorists should be killed regardless of where they may have been born, or with what kind of accent they speak. Wanting to prosecute these terrorists for being Americans would be a little like wanting to tack on a speeding ticket to Ted Bundy’s murder charges.
    And no, they’re not technically “traitors”, unless they violated an oath to the US Constitution– such as if they’d been enlisted or commissioned military personnel, or police officers, or any other kind of sworn personnel, and violated that oath by joining a foreign enemy force.

  9. orbserver I am saying what I was taught, and even if no one has ever been charged doesn’t change the laws, Obama’s refusal to enforce immigration laws doesn’t mean they aren’t still laws.

    Treason also consists of giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the US during time of conflict, and bearing arms against the US is also treason.

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