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3 Replies to “…and this is the reason I have a category, ‘irrational leftism’”

  1. And this is another example of why our society is going to hell at light speed in a hand basket. Too many universities have become loony bins.

  2. Was this video a spoof, a joke?
    Seriously, this is a parody of the Left, is it not?
    No, it’s real. Now I have seen and heard it all. This university should be shut down.

  3. Shut down? No way. That would be anti-freedom and somewhat totalitarian. I think instead, all public funds, and I mean all including tax breaks at the level of municipal taxes should be removed. Let this ‘school’ actually generate its income from tuition and tuition alone. You will suddenly find that only serious students who want a real education will be capable of paying and none of them will go there. Even the non-serious students would not be able to convince parents who work for a living that they should pay the kind of costs that would result in running a useless institution like that.

    Let the free market either close it down or turn it into a real institution where some wealth is generated instead of constant experiments in extreme cultural Marxism.

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