Two Qatari aircrafts come to the rescue of the Jihadists in Mali

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From This Site:

We have received information of a landing of two Qatar aircrafts in the north of Mali “to transport Jihadists and to save them from being arrested or killed by the French and Malian armies.”

This operation, which is starting to be known in informed circles, would explain partially why the bosses of AlQueda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and of the Movement for unity and Jihad in West Africa (Mujao) have still not been arrested, several weeks after the start of the French military offensive and the capture of several Mali towns, among them Kidal, Timbuktu, Monti and Gao.

“This information has only recently started to circulate”, said Eric Denece, director of the French centre for research in information (CF2R).

Let us remind you that Qatar who has, until now, not denied this information, spoke out against the French military intervention in Mali, after having proposed to facilitate the mediation with the armed jihadists in the north of the country.

We also remind you that the presence of four Qatari humanitarians had been detected in the North of Mali. This has been confirmed (to us) by Mickael Sibdiga, leader of the Red Cross in Kidal.

These four Qatari “humanitarians”, according to a local Malien source, had arrived unofficially, i.e. without informing the international committee of the Red Cross. “They said that they had come to evaluate the needs of the population”, Mickael Sibdiga added.

The Qatar is suspected to support and to finance the Jihadists who were striking (hitting) in the North of Mali and in other regions of the world.

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7 Replies to “Two Qatari aircrafts come to the rescue of the Jihadists in Mali”

  1. This is open warfare. Qatar should be destroyed from within. Rich Qataris marry all virgins and deflorate them. Think of Mohammed bin Laden who gave his leftovers to his underlings. So the religious police won’t marry virgins, and blowing themselves up isn’t possible either. What

  2. Remind me again, where is Al Jazeera based? Al Jazeera was a Qatari GOVERNMENT run company till 2011. Qatar supported the scumbags who were lopping off hands and feet in Mali. Qatar sent agents to ferry the Al Quada leaders to safety after France began to liberate Mali.

    Yeah, let’s have Al Jazeera, ran by the same folks who supported the Terrorist Takeover of Mali, on the air in a civilized country. Sounds like a great idea.

  3. Qatar allows the US to base troops and ships because they are worried about Iran, however their actions with the jihadist show their true loyalty.

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