Protest held outside cinema against ‘Islamophobic film’


The protest against VishwaroopamThe protest against Vishwaroopam
Published on Monday 28 January 2013 15:17


ANGRY Muslims staged a protest against an allegedly Islamophobic film outside Cineworld last Saturday, writes Charles Crook.

The group were protesting the UK release of the controversial Indian film Vishwaroopam, which is currently showing in British cinemas.

The film has already been banned in two Indian regions and in Muslim countries in South East Asia amid controversy about the way it depicts Muslims as terrorists.

Campaigner Mustapha Zamaan felt the film fuelled negative views against Muslim people and should not be shown in British cinemas.

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13 Replies to “Protest held outside cinema against ‘Islamophobic film’”

  1. If Muslims don’t want to be viewed negatively then they should stop behaving negatively (eg terrorism). It’s as simple as that.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with the two comments posted above by Richard and Softly Bob. I’m sick of muslims and their whining and babbling, not to mention their savage, cruel and repressive ways.

    Sorry muzturds, as far as I am concerned there are only two types of muslims I like and approve of, ex-muslims, and DEAD muslims! Both fit the ‘X’ category quite well, don’t you think?

    “Veni Vidi Deus Vicit!”

  3. Milton Keynes is starting to be known as little somalia.
    i wonder how many of the protesters are there at my, and other, taxpayers expense?

  4. The derp on the left is holding a sign saying “Freedom of speech is not hate speech” while the derp next to him is holding a sign decrying hypocracy.

    Now all we need is a sign about Irony and this photo would be complete.

  5. Writer/Director of film “Vishwaroopam”, Kamal Haasan, Talks About Vishwaroopam Being Banned
    He characterizes the film as simply a realistic thriller and confirms that the effort to ban the film has only made it more sought after, admitting that in one Indian state there are 500 theatres which have totally sold out each viewing for the next week and a half–ALL OF THEM.
    Protestors have a lot to learn from unintended consequences of their efforts. Heh!

  6. The director is Muslim and the movie is realistic about Islaimic terrorism in India. Islamic terrorism is ongoing in India. It happens so often that really to pretend in movies that it does not exist has gotten ridiculous. The West has heard of the Mumbai massacres but it was not the only act of terrorism. There were many before that and after that. The website South Asia Terrorism Portal documents all the terrorism in South Asia. Vast majority, nearly all are by either Islamic or communist/socialist terrorist organizations.

  7. The director is Muslim and one that wishes India was never partitioned. If only all Muslims were like people like him, but it is good that there are many that are, though not enough that speak out. He is honest about that Islamic terrorism is a reality. The video of him speaking is worth watching.

  8. The vast majority of terrorist organizations in South Asia are either Islamic or far left wing (communist). South Asia Terrorism Portal (STAP) thoroughly documents them. Google the org.

  9. Well the Muslims protests are getting violent in some areas against this film made by a Muslim director

    And questions by caving into Islamic violence to artist like him whether is India a secular state, and if not he wants to move to a secular state. Just don’t move to either the US or Spain and he is more likely as a film maker to be either arrested or deported if he makes a film that upsets Muslims. He does not realize that yet. That the places where he as an artist can flee to away from Muslim violence are much fewer than he knows.

  10. I saw a film on TV the other day, where a women was shown robbing a bank.
    This is negative stereotyping of women. Oh yes, and there was a man with her. He was blond. Negative stereotyping again.

    Really people, get a perspective.

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