Clashes in Cairo try to bring down the wall built to protect ministry of the interior

I have a feeling that in the not too distant future, rioting may become Egypt’s #1 export.

H/T Magic Martin

Attempts by demonstrators to storm the wall leading to the Ministry of the Interior Sheikh Rihan Street and exchange of stone-throwing between police and demonstrators

What are they digging up here and why? Is it city infrastructure in order to hurl it at other people?

Tire tire burning bright, won’t you block the roads tonight

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6 Replies to “Clashes in Cairo try to bring down the wall built to protect ministry of the interior”

  1. A simple request:

    Can someone please explain to me the insanity that is prevalent in the World today?
    I remember going to Cairo a few years ago and it was safe and stable. The usual tourists were there of course, and at nearby Giza, it was BAU with the vendors selling their wares at the pyramids and the Sphinx.
    Then of course we have the Arab Spring, this great ray of hope that hypnotised the entire World, apart from, naturally, people like us who weren’t fooled at all!
    Why is it that there are still people out there that haven’t realised that wherever Islam goes, misery, violence and discord are sure to follow? The religion that is more responsible for more acts of terrorism than all other religions combined several times over.
    Egypt is now a shithole thanks to the Muslim brotherhood. Wherever Islam tries to rule, everything turns to shit, paradise turns to hell, and peace turns to war, WITHOUT EXCEPTION.
    Why then why, please tell me, do we still have idiots who haven’t realised this? Not just ordinary, insignificant idiots, but idiots who wield some sort of power, such as politicians, academics, members of the judiciary and so on.
    Can someone please, please explain the collective stupidity of these people? No one could possibly be so stupid. It has to be the greatest mystery of our age.
    Give me an explanation and I will be eternally grateful.

  2. Bob the world was semi-safe as long as there was at least one super power that was willing to assert themselves, then the US voters allowed Obama to steal two elections and start tearing down the US. Now all of the wanna be dictators and world rulers are busy trying to grab power, if you think it is bad now wait until the coming world economic collapse happens, We will look back on this time as a time of peace.

  3. 23:30 The National Salvation Front, which has earlier announced its intention to hold a sit-in, released a press statement listing the sit-in’s demands:

    1. Handing over power to a national salvation government, representing the diversity of Egyptians.
    2. Annulling the “sectarian and invalid” constitution, and the reformation of a new constituent assembly that shall draft a new constitutional to fulfill the aspirations and goals of the revolution.
    3. The immediate calling for early presidential elections.
    4. Dissolving the “invalid” Shura Council, and cancelling any laws it had issued.


    In Damanhour

    The muslim brotherhood headquaters are burning … :

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