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Written by: Diana West
Monday, January 21, 2013 4:37 AM 

Below is the text of a speech I presented to the Maryland Conservative Action Network, January 12, 2013, in Annapolis. It was published yesterday at The American Thinker.

What might a “conservative” foreign policy look like?

In the post-9/11 era, it’s fair to say we have mainly followed a “neoconservative” foreign policy. This policy has been based on the rock-solid belief that there exist universal values that all peoples everywhere share and indeed yearn for if they don’t already enjoy them. Our neoconservative foreign policy, then – our war-fighting policy, too – has been a matter of spreading such universal values.

This has been a disaster. Think of nation-building in Iraq and Afghanistan — policies predicated on this denial of the existence of cultural difference. Certainly in this decade since 9/11 we should have learned that cultures, the West and Islam, namely, are different and that such universalism is a fantasy. The West enshrines the liberty of the individual, while Islam, like other totalitarian systems, enforces a collective will. Still, to this day, we don’t permit this simple reality to be discussed let alone reflected in any meaningful policy way.


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3 Replies to “Diana West: Toward a Conservative Foreign Policy”

  1. I suspect foreign policy is about to change. The British media propaganda factory has been non stop with stories of massacres by Assads troops, women and children killed and injured reported by journalists embedded with the insurgents.You know, the usual stuff.
    Tonight I caught a report on independent (misnomer, oxymoron) television news. The reporters were actually with government troops, and showed them PROTECTING civilians, the language too, seemed to be subtly slanting against the insurgents, they actually, at one point called them REBELS. A small thing, I know, but a report like this would not have been broadcast a week ago.
    We shouldn’t hold our breath,but perhaps it is finally beginning to dawn on the powers that be what a hornets nest they are stirring up in the middle east. They are hopefully realising that, after helping them and arming them for over thirty years, that nothing cuts any ice with the islamists. They are still going to hate you no matter what

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