World View: China Prepares the People’s Liberation Army for War

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  • China’s directive to the People’s Liberation Army: Get Ready for War
  • China steps up nationalistic war-like rhetoric
  • China’s historic mistake
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China’s directive to the People’s Liberation Army: Get Ready for War

China's DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missile
China’s DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missile

China’s General Staff Headquarters issued a harsh directive on Wednesday to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to prepare for war:

In 2013, the goal set for the entire army and the People’s Armed Police force is to bolster their capabilities to fight and their ability to win a war… to be well-prepared for a war by subjecting the army to hard and rigorous training on an actual combat basis.

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4 Replies to “World View: China Prepares the People’s Liberation Army for War”

  1. Hat Tip to Richard…….

    Nice catch on this one Richard, I enjoyed the article very much…

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. I have been giving a lot of thought to the nation they would attack, the choices are Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, Nam, India, Singapore, Burma and Malaysia. While they want to force the US out of the South China Sea I don’t think they want a direct confrontation until has had more time to destroy our military and dismantle our nuclear forces. This leaves India, Nam and Burma as the most likely targets, I think Nam is probably at the top of the list because of the mineral resources in the sea around them. Burma has resources and has the advantage that it places Chinese troops on another border with India. India has nuclear weapons that it will use if it looks like it is going to be totally absorbed by China.

    Take your pick, I think Nam with wars of conquest against the others after Obama weakens us more, or we become embroiled in a civil war.

  3. They already attacked India. They claim some India border territories as theirs. They’ve been arming Pakistan and have been having a proxy war with India via Pakistan. Pakistan gave part of Pakistan occupied Indian Kashmir to China. Very few people talk about this Chinese occupied Indian Kashmir. India has also given refuge to Tibet’s Dalai Lama and other refugees. So I would agree India is on the top. I would also include the straits of malacca

  4. @Arun thank you for the info.

    To control the straits they would have to control one of the nations on either side, I left Indonesia off the list because I don’t think China wants to piss off the Pakistanis yet so that leaves Malaysia, yes Pakistan and Indonesia are on China’s to do list, just not near the top. Not yet anyway.

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