Swedish police shoot jewel thief in the head

Swedish police shoot jewel thief in the head


The Local:


Published: 4 Jan 13 12:15 CET | Print version | Double click on a word to get a translation
Updated: 4 Jan 13 14:40 CET

A robber was shot in the head by police on Friday after he and three others exchanged fire with officers in Södertälje, one hour south of Stockholm, after trying to rob a jewellery store in a shopping mall.

“We know that one of the robbers has been shot,” Albin Näverberg at Södertälje police told the Aftonbladet newspaper.

Speaking later with TV4, an officer leading the operation explained that the robber had been shot in the head.

He has since been taken to hospital, but the extent of his injuries remains unclear.

“He’s sedated now,” the officer told TV4.

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If you use these search terms in Google you will come up with a host of crime stories relating to the explosion of muslims in the town.

Search with:    Södertälje robbery muslim islam

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man with AK robbing store shot

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4 Replies to “Swedish police shoot jewel thief in the head”

  1. If the Greek police (who are accused as racists by Reuters and BBC) were shooting robbers and rapists, at least half the illegal criminal immigrants (Albania, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc.) who have flooded Greece, would be dead by now!

    Praise to the Swedish police! May their example be followed all over Europe!

  2. just found the following reader’s commentary to this piece of news: http://www.thelocal.se/45392/20130103/#.UOdPzKNnDXw

    “This public toilet called sweden is truely truely a human cesspool, there is no word left to insult the these stupid swedes anymore…the thing is though, their country is a cesspool of humanity and they’re proud of it…if not so why they continue to importing more of the same scums??? ”


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