Egypt says it seized US-made missiles near Gaza

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Published January 04, 2013

Associated Press

EL-ARISH, Egypt –  Egyptian security officials say they have seized six U.S.-made missiles before they could be smuggled into the Palestinian Gaza Strip.

The officials say the anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, with a range of up to one mile, were seized just outside the northern Sinai city of el-Arish.

Officials say local Bedouins led them to the six missiles that were hidden in a hole in the desert. They say the missiles may have come from Libya…

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7 Replies to “Egypt says it seized US-made missiles near Gaza”

  1. FATAH moderate Muslim extremists look pretty much like Hamas fundamentalists – or even like Syrian Freedom fighters …

    Fastforward to 0:44

  2. @Martin

    Despite their rivalries and their claims to be different, they’re all the same. They cover their faces like bandits, love violence, have no scruples and worship a sick, twisted psycho.
    I don’t differentiate between Fatah, Hamas, al-Shabaab. al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Hezbollah, the Taliban,CAIR or the Muslim Brotherhood. They’re all cut from the same rotten cloth!

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