Ontario fatal gas-and-dash suspect wanted for pulling gun on officer in Edmonton

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Ontario fatal gas-and-dash suspect wanted for pulling gun on officer in Edmonton

An emergency phone is see at the Churchill LRT station in Edmonton, AB, on Monday, December 3, 2012.



EDMONTON – Cops are looking for an Ontario man – a suspect in a gas-and-dash death – who allegedly pulled a gun on an Edmonton transit peace officer.Police accuse Abdullahi Mohamoud, 23, a Mississauga native, of using a weapon to get the officer to release another man who was being arrested for trespassing at Churchill Station on New Year’s Day.

Police later found the alleged trespasser but the alleged gunman is still at large.

“This is a very dangerous and violent person who needs to be taken off the streets as soon as possible,” said Edmonton Police Service Staff Sgt. Malcolm Allan.



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4 Replies to “Ontario fatal gas-and-dash suspect wanted for pulling gun on officer in Edmonton”

  1. Poor Muslim, driven by the oppression of the filthy unbelievers all around him no doubt. Reminds me of that other poor lad in Montreal years ago. Gamil Gharbi was so humiliated and angered by women being educated, he was forced to make a statement on behalf of his conservative religious beliefs and honor kill a classroom full of female engineering students. To show he wasn’t crazy, just disgusted and grievanced, he let all the males go as they (even though najis kuffar) had not defiled his Prophet and his God. Sure, he changed his name to Marc Lepine a little while before he did his martyrdom act, but we should always remember his inner struggle and his Muslim faith and name.

    Confusin’ ya Ifthictard?.

  2. Edmonton, what a sick cess pool of a joke, and if you really want to be sick, read the article by Paul Simons in the edmon journal today, trying to make a hero out of a coward, silk purse out of a sows ear…. people just did nothing while a man was beaten to death on the LRT, and now they are trying to lie about their heroism, what a sad sick joke,
    7 minutes, and the train just kept on rolling, while everyone just ran out, now some immigrant islamic is doing their ususal llying bullshit about how they helped out

    trying to make a hero out of these extremists, because there is so much flack going on now in the news that demeans them, rather, tells the truth about their actual crimes

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