Some posts on Obama, his family, and Ikhwan infiltration

Let me be blunt about something for a moment please.

What we know to be true about the Obama admin. The events at Benghazi for instance and the absolute certainty we have about the lies the white house issued about the event, (and I would like to distinguish the Obama admin lies from say, the accusations that Bush lied about Iraqui WMD’s as 1. they were not lies as the weapons did exist and 2. even if those weapons did not exist Bush believed they did, hence, not lies) should be enough for anyone to want to examine the Obama admin carefully and probably withdraw all support of this man and his team as the executive branch of the USA.

That is to say, what we know for a fact about Obama is or should be enough to have him lose all authority as president at the very least.

Having said that, it also follows that some of the more outlandish claims, even if true but unverifiable or indeed, outright unbelievable, stressing, ‘even if true’, can actually take away from the effects of the established facts on the credibility of this administration.

So. What do you do with stories like these? Walid Shoebat,  a well-known former PLO terrorist turned anti-Islam evangelical Christian, frequently has stories about Islamic infiltration of the US government not to mention stories about Obama’s profoundly religious Islamic family. Once again, a sort of catch 22. Reporting them waters down the real problems with the existing Obama admin, even if true and not reporting them seems pointless.

Borrowing an analogy from the movie, The Mothman Prophesies, imagine that you are a window washer on a 100 story building and you clearly see something in the distance no one else can see or even imagine headed your way. Say its a large jetliner flying very low as one example. Telling people will only make you look crazy. So best perhaps to go down to the 15th floor and look for signs others can believe of what is coming to prepare they way. Then release more and more info as the facts of previous ‘predictions become more obvious and apparent. In terms of something as horrifyingly unimaginable as the president of the USA consciously acting for a a violent theocratic ideology like Islam with global ambitions well, that’s pretty hard for any rational person to accept even if true. Remembering of course, that what we do know for a fact, like Benghazi, really is enough.

So here is the latest crop of videos, hoping that this preface puts them into the proper perspective for easy digestion and proper consideration.

Eeyore for Vlad.

Obama’s cousin interviewed on Al Jazeera:

More on the infiltration of the US Government executive branch by Ikhwan, the Muslim Brotherhood:

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  1. People are afraid to face the facts, if they accept the fact that 1) Obama is a Moslem and has been since childhood, 2) that he was raised by communists be a communist and to hate the US. If they accept those facts they will then have to accept the fact that Obama is working hard to destroy the US.

    Most people are so deep in the “It can’t happen here” syndrome that it will take a major disaster to wake them up, and no 9/11/01 wasn’t big enough. Fortunately more and more people are waking up to the danger, personally I pray we don’t have to wait much longer before something is done.

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