Egypt’s constitution approved in vote, say rival camps

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Birds fly over mosques during sunset in Old Cairo December 22, 2012. Early indications showed Egyptians approved an Islamist-drafted constitution after Saturday's final round of voting in a referendum despite opposition criticism of the measure as divisive. REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh

By Yasmine Saleh and Shaimaa Fayed

CAIRO (Reuters) – A constitution drafted by an Islamist-dominated assembly was approved by a majority of Egyptians in a referendum, rival camps said on Sunday, after a vote the opposition said drove a wedge through the Arab world’s most populous nation.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which propelled President Mohamed Mursi to power in a June election, said 64 percent of voters backed the charter after two rounds of voting that ended with a final ballot on Saturday. It cited an unofficial tally.

An opposition official also told Reuters their unofficial count showed the result was a “yes” vote.


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4 Replies to “Egypt’s constitution approved in vote, say rival camps”

  1. OK, so this pretty much puts to bed the idea that the Muslim problem is just a small group of radicals who don’t represent the Muslim population as a whole. Horse Hockey! How many times do we have to see a straight, honest vote result in religious dictatorship? One person, one vote, one time. Some Muslims want to live in the modern world like civilized human beings, but it is becoming abundantly clear that the majority do not. They know what they’re voting for in Egypt. That’s Sharia law, complete with hand chopping and stoning and no rights for women and the death sentence for trying to quit being a Believer. They want that. That’s what Arabs keep voting for when given the choice to make a free decision. They have shown their hand.

  2. The majority of Muslims in the middle east and north Africa want full on shari’ah law. Why on earth would they not? Why would we try and prevent them from having it? I consider every single Muslim country our enemy, irrespective of whether or not they have it, so it makes no difference to me.

    I’m all for Shari’ah law in as many if these Islamic dumps as possible, as it means they will become even more retarded and backward than they already are, and collapse in turmoil eventually. A great result. It saves us the cost in money and lives of having to do it ourselves.

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