Nonie Darwish: What Egyptians Are Afraid to Know

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The problem with Egypt and many other Islamic nations is that they are ignorant of what they are demanding, and are left ignorant by their own media and educational system. By now it seems apparent that Egyptians do not even want to learn the truth about Sharia, in case they might reject it — an act that would turn them into apostates, eligible for death.

The chaos in Egypt today is an indication of an old culture that has lost its way and its connection to a great civilization over 3000 years old. Pure Islamists who hate their ancient history and are threatening to blow up the pyramids and sphinx as idols of the pharaohs are now back in full swing to stop any further weakening of Islam by a secular government. But is it the Islamists’ fault or the fault of the Egyptian public who continually vote in favor of Sharia [Islamic law – “The Path”]?

Once Islam takes hold of a nation, the turmoil never ends — between human nature, which aspires for freedom and dignity, and forces of domination and oppression, which see and understand nothing in the political life of a country other than enforcing Sharia law on others.

During the last 1400 years of Islamic domination, Egyptians discarded their past and adopted the culture of Arabia through the process of Arabization and Islamization. Islamists in Egypt and in any other country, for that matter, understand that for their country to remain Islamic, it must be ruled from the top down by Sharia. Muslim leadership has no confidence that Islam would survive without government enforcement through fear, intimidation and harsh punishments. Without government control and enforcement by means of a tyrannical legal system, Islamist leaders believe that the religion cannot survive through choice. That is why, wherever Islam travels, the goal is always to control government.

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2 Replies to “Nonie Darwish: What Egyptians Are Afraid to Know”

  1. Another parallel between the left and the Moslems, they both want us to forget the past and listen only to their evil theories.

  2. I don’t think they are ignorant. They are delusional – they believe they really know what Sharia is about. This quote below from an Egyptian feminist says it all – Sharia wonderful, interpretation bad. What will it take for women to realize it is Sharia, and all the fundamentals are doing is enforcing it thoroughly :

    “Nihad Abu El Konsam voted against it. “This constitution will set Egypt 100 years back,” she said. The fact that the constitution’s is based primarily on Sharia law is not the problem. “The fundamental principles of Sharia law are equality and human dignity – the same principles all religion,” said Nihad Abu El Konsam.

    Yet the constitution is extremely imprecise. It leaves an “open door,” Abu El Konsam believes, for extreme fundamentalist interpretation and discrimination against women and other Egyptian citizens.”

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