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4 Replies to “A Jewish woman lives as a fugitive in her own home in Malmo”

  1. In order to “counter tensions between” … “we try to teach them that Jews are not Israelis”

    Really, how about “In order to counter the violence of muslims, we warm them that they will be kicked out of Europe if they don’t start to behave.”

    And then let us start kicking them out. As long as the law fails to punish this behaviour, it will continue. Why do we allow it?

  2. @04:29 Alkoud is introduced, under guise of a moderate Muslim who participates in the Malmo dialogue forum to “battle tensions between Jews and Muslims”. Note the dramatic taqqiya zebiba identifier @ the 4:42 mark in the video clearly visible on this individual’s forehead just at the receding hairline as well as the intentionally groomed 5 o’clock shadow of facial hair.

  3. This is mild compared to what is coming, and once again most of the people in Europe will either help, or turn a blind eye to what is going on, those that live near enough to smell the stench from the ovens will ignore what the smell means,.

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